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Sometimes, you are all you need: Motherland Mogul Tips from Moana

If you have a child, or you’re just an anime lover, chances are you know about Moana. In her Disney movie, she goes about defining the odds and surpassing challenges to save her community. Though she is just a Disney character, Moana’s heroism teaches us a thing or two about setting out and achieving our […]

Effective Goal-Setting: Keeping Your new year Resolutions All Year Round

Each year in January, entrepreneurs, and moguls around the world make new year resolutions to help them reach their business goals. Common resolutions include personal and professional goals like starting a business, building financial capacity, and even improving health and wellness. As an entrepreneur, your first responsibility is to plan ahead. Not just for your personal […]

Take Stock of Your 2017 Goals

December is around the corner. The last few months of the year seem to fly by and we seem to have that looming anxiety about the 2017 goals we made at the start of the year. So, have you managed to tick off all the boxes next to the goals? Or an even better question, do […]

Overachiever, are you going somewhere? Or are you stuck in the same place?

[bctt tweet=”My intense focus was exhausting to me & to my family who became casualties in my drive for success” via=”no”] Goals are meant to fulfill the purpose of helping us feel as if our actions are leading us towards something –whatever we have decided that to be. Worst case scenario? Without goals, you become […]

Email course: 3 secrets to #SLAYing2017

Happy New Year! If you’re like us, you’re sick and tired of hearing “New Year, New Me!” and seeing zero changes. So how do you move from simply speaking what you want into the universe to actually moving things? We hereby introduce SLA’s exclusive email course: 3 Secrets to #SLAYing2017. How does it work? It’s […]

According to science, don’t make new year resolutions, do this instead!

With 2016 finally here, we see many Facebook & Whatsapp “New Year, New Me”. A new year is a fresh start, and a chance to set a new goals, which is why so many people make New Year resolutions. Still… Most people find New Year’s resolutions difficult to keep Local gyms are most crowded early January when […]