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Bessie Duke-Odu: The Flair Hair Academy was born out of my refusal to rest on my oars

Bessie Duke-Odu

[bctt tweet=”Africa has come of age and needs to get industrialized hence sharing my expertise through the Academy” via=”no”] Bessie Duke-Odu is the Proprietress and Lead Posticheur at Flair Hair Academy (Nigeria’s foremost Human Hair Academy). With a degree in Microbiology, she started off merchandising human hair and hair accessories and in 2010. The Bessie […]

Nathacia Olivier: The right place, the right product

[bctt tweet=”@OlivierNathacia noticed that women like strong role models & used this in her strategy” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Indoni is an African-woman owned company based in Ekurhuleni that produces skin and hair care products made from 100% natural ingredients, food compounds and essential oils that contain healing properties.  The company firmly believes in the “essence of natural […]