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Indoni is an African-woman owned company based in Ekurhuleni that produces skin and hair care products made from 100% natural ingredients, food compounds and essential oils that contain healing properties. 

The company firmly believes in the “essence of natural African beauty”. The word “Indoni” is a Nguni, isiZulu name inspired by the realisation that the beauty of a woman is curved in her naturalness. Nathacia Olivier has always believed in being beautiful the natural way without having to spend thousands of rands on things that will eventually burn, damage and agitate the skin.

SLA contributor Goitsemang Mvula recently caught up with Nathacia Olivier. She asked about a subject that is vital in business, especially a product based company, product placement and development

How wise is it to ‎opt for an intensive distribution with the type products that you are selling and also breaking barriers in international distribution?

It was really hard to come up with a distribution strategy that would attract people and also push them to earn more for themselves each day.

Going international is challenging when you consider factors such as shipping, communication, currency, advertising and the likes.

Indoni Range

indoni range

To what degree does the using an influencer such as Miss South Africa, play a role in attracting customers?

I noticed that women love anything and everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. They also follow strong female role models. Liesl Laurie, Miss South Africa 2015 (2nd Princess) is a very good friend of mine. Her agreeing to become part of Indoni was an amazing opportunity as she also feels very strong about being natural.

“Indoni” is an isiZulu name inspired by the fact that the beauty of a woman is in her naturalness Click To Tweet

Liesl also does a lot of talks related to women, hence she immediately connected with the vision that Indoni has. Getting her to the skin retreat bootcamp attracted a lot of women, her support made them want to use Indoni products and become part of the team.

Nathacia Olivier

Is it advisable to use consumer testing on your friends and family before you go out to the markets?

Testing is one process that has been giving me a headache ever since the inception of Indoni. Yes, we started testing the products with family, friends and myself —I loved the results that came out.

Nathacia Olivier: We started testing Indoni products with family, friends and myself Click To Tweet

At the moment, Indoni products are not tested yet women use the products. We are still busy working on that. We are in the process of getting all the products tested by next year.

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