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Vulnerability: Your key to smashing goals this year

[bctt tweet=”To be Vulnerable means to be open to all of life’s experiences ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Ours is a generation of people striving to make their lives look perfect all the time. We post pictures, we update our statuses, we buy new things with the idea that maybe if it looks perfect enough, it will start […]

Setting your business up for success – 5 things you must do

It’s a New Year and everyone seems busy penning down their New Year Resolutions. Business owners are also devising strategic means to boost sales and make more profit. It’s a time to sit and reflect on the past year and see what can be done to make the present year a success. As a business […]

5 business lessons we can learn from Gabrielle Godwin

Gabrielle Godwin is the 9 year old CEO and president of Gabby Bows. She also hosts “Gabby Play Dates” for young girls in shelters where she teaches them about entrepreneurship. Imagine that! I know most of us weren’t thinking about entrepreneurship when we were in primary school. Gabrielle is in the fourth grade and recently […]

6 ways to turn your business dream into a reality

Chasing a business dream requires a deliberate and focused sense of concentration on set goals. Don’t you hate-love those successful people who make success seem so easy? Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring their magic to your own life? Imagine walking into a multi-million dollar event to a standing ovation. Everyone is clapping and the spotlight is […]