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7 ways to make your space more liveable without breaking the bank – by Banke Ajagunna

Banke Ajagunna is the Founder of Decor Nigeria; an interior design company that specializes in designing functional and aesthetically appealing spaces for corporate and individual clients. When you hear young professional, the first thing that comes to mind is budget. We’ve all been there and some of you are still there. That being said, with […]

Senanu Arkutu: I decided to follow a passion that I hadn’t realised was a skill

[bctt tweet=”Senanu Arkutu: The high quality is here in Africa but you have to do quality control ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Senanu Arkutu is the founder and CEO of DAAR Living, an interior styling firm that is diversely African, layered and interwoven, antique and contemporary, with European and Arab influences. While pursuing a career in Reproductive Health […]

Lulu Mutsikira: My opportunity came from my frustration

As a person who believes in following their dreams, you can only imagine how much it excites and inspires me, when I see someone I know personally, do exactly that. Following her dreams fully and wholeheartedly and succeeding at it! Lulu Mutsikira, founder of Nama Saya, who can be contacted via email, began her company […]