Kairoshoppers: Empowering and changing the lives of designers

Kairoshoppers Network (also known as KSN), is a marketplace platform created for new, up and coming, heretofore undiscovered designers who are seeking opportunities to get into the marketplace, display and sell their products in the marketplace. KSN is not limited to up and coming designers though, more established designers are also welcome.

Kairoshoppers is aimed at increasing brand visibility and product awareness for designers; KSN is a marketplace where unique designs are found that are not commonly seen in the fashion industry. These designs are new and avant-garde, differentiating Kairoshoppers from other platforms. Through its networks, Kairoshoppers increases brand visibility for many designers who come from African countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, and even South Africa, who sell their products on the platform, taking them to a global market.

What is the purpose of Kairoshoppers?

The purpose is to increase brand visibility for new and struggling designers. These are people who may be students, unemployed graduates, or self-employed individuals, who believe in themselves and want to make something happen!

They strive to make a living from the talents with which they are gifted and maximize their creativity. KSN is geared toward empowering these individuals to attain a success-driven future.

What are your predictions for the African fashion industry ?

I believe this is going to be huge, I see a situation where not only Africans will be wearing African outfits but this will extend to other countries.

Africa is known for its vibrant colours and attractive cultures, which is evidenced in our fashion style, best expressed by embracing our culture. African prints will increase in demand and more people will embrace African culture, a trend we already see now.

What advice do you have for women who want to be fashion enterpreneurs?

First, I would say to build your faith because everyone’s faith is going to be tested even as my faith has and will be tested. Second, one must be able to persevere and remain on top of your tasks and responsibilities at all times.

Also, one must be dedicated. A lot of people have beautiful and awesome dreams that can materialize by being dedicated. It is paramount that one use the right instrument for the right purpose; this is to say using the right and appropriate photographs, models, hiring the right staff, working your crafts, and more.

Consistency is also a key factor because the best you have given must be replicated as a standard in all you do, for instance the perfect finishing on a size 12 must also be the same on sizes 14 and 16 and this is how you maintain and retain your customers.

What does the future hold for Kairoshoppers?

We are looking forward to continue to expand and bring more designers on board. It is our joy and fulfillment that these designers are being empowered, lives are being changed for the better and their families maintained.

We also look forward to gaining a greater share of the market, positioned competitively in the marketplace and territory.

What are the top four ways to create brand visibility?

Kairosshoppers has a TV show here in Houston, Texas that talks about our designers and celebrates them. We also network with other parties like bloggers and stylists in the fashion industry who help in creating brand visibility for up and coming designers.

Customer service is also a key…responding promptly and resolving customers issues has a long lasting effect on the customer’s sense of brand loyalty. We also share information about our designers on all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Would you say Kairoshoppers is a success?

Yes, most definitely. Apart from increasing brand visibility, we have been able to break new ground, transcending barriers; KSN has been able to sell into both the American and African markets.

This points to the fact that new and struggling designers can sell their products globally.

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