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How Africa Matters Initiative is unapologetically changing the African narrative

The Africa Matters Initiative (AMI) is a youth-led organization dedicated to creating spaces for African expression and robust dialogue by embracing our complex identities and history through online platforms, workshops, and summits rooted in ‘Afrocentricity’. Lead by black women, AMI empowers young Africans to reject the notion that Africa is only corrupt and poor.  They are […]

Mandy Shemuvalula: Youth development must be the starting point of all business models

[bctt tweet=”Mandy Shemuvalula: the youth of the African continent are the most powerful demographic” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Mandy Shemuvalula is a 29-year-old Namibian who is a revolutionary at heart. After graduating in 2010 from Monash University in Malaysia with an Honors Bachelors’ degree in Business and Commerce (majoring in International Business), she knew the global business arena […]

Hilma Ndinelago Moses: I want to be known as a selfless leader

If you believe education is key to changing the world, you can count your similarities with Nelson Mandela and Hilma Ndinelago Moses. Only familiar with one name? Well, you need to know Hilma. She is the creator of  Nambian Opportunities, and co-founder of the Young Woman Arise Impact Project. Through these initiatives, Hilma strives for academic excellence […]