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5 transferable skills you need to go from homemaker to employee

What happens when the homemaker decides to return to formal employment? She is usually greeted with disdain for having ‘wasted’ her time at home and missed out on the latest developments in the industry. Though she is likely to be a bit out of touch with the nitty gritty of being an employee, a homemaker […]

How to maintain your figure 8 this holiday season

It’s the end of the year again. Christmas parties, end of year get-togethers, Thanksgiving feasts and lots more. My dear Motherland Mogul, if you are not very careful, while your bank account might get leaner from all the spending, I’m afraid it might be quite the opposite for your beloved figure. Therefore, being the good […]

Begin with the end in mind

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I am sure we have all heard the saying ‘begin with the end in mind’ more times than we care to remember. Most times this is said in the context of our own lives and how we should be approaching the goal realization process. Perhaps the best-known individual on this is Steven Covey in his […]