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It’s the end of the year again. Christmas parties, end of year get-togethers, Thanksgiving feasts and lots more.

My dear Motherland Mogul, if you are not very careful, while your bank account might get leaner from all the spending, I’m afraid it might be quite the opposite for your beloved figure.

Therefore, being the good friend that I am, I have put together in this post, 5 steps to avoid unwanted weight gain and keep your energy levels up this joyful season.

Have a plan

Yes! Be deliberate about not adding any extra kilos. As with every other aspect of life, planning sets you up for success.

So write down (please be realistic) what weight/size you want to attain/maintain at the end of the year and how you hope to achieve it.

Let water be your close pal


Drinks lots of water before and during parties.

This will help control your appetite. If you can, drink a mouthful of water before eating or drinking anything else.

The best way to buffet

When on a buffet line, choose a small plate, walk through the line, taking in everything that’s on offer and decide what you want to eat. Then go back in line and take exactly what you decided.

Walking through the line will prevent you from eventually filing your plate with everything that’s on offer because you didn’t know it was there until you got to it.

Be the party queen


Dance your heart out! Dancing is a perfect way of burning those pesky calories that keep shrinking your clothes (yes, I know it’s their fault, not yours) plus you’d really be having fun.

Just don’t overdo it if it’s an official event.

Don’t stop exercising


It’s very tempting to stop your exercise routine in view of all the fun ahead but babe, you’re gonna regret it!

(And this is to all of you that are planning to abscond from My Figure 8 fitness club and others this holiday season)
Nuff said.

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