Job Opportunity: Aspen Management Partnership for Health in Sierra Leone

Public Health - Aspen Fellowship

Interested in global health and big systems change? Up for an entrepreneurial challenge and making things happen from within Ministries of Health? Believe that management and leadership are essential for lasting impact? Eager to apply your private sector experience to social problems? Join AMP Health for an exciting two years!

An emerging consensus among global health leaders is that stronger health delivery systems are required to ensure preparedness against future epidemics like Ebola, to continue the fight against the top killers of children and mothers around the world, and to handle the growing burden of chronic, non-communicable diseases in low-and-middle-income countries. To strengthen health systems, governments need not only technical expertise, but also robust managerial and leadership skills, and a strategic understanding of the interplay between private and public sector roles.

Aspen Management Partnership for Health (AMP Health) is a program of The Aspen Institute that was formally launched in September 2015 at the Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. AMP Health offers managerial and strategic support to Ministries of Health (MoHs) in low-and-middle-income countries to facilitate community health system strengthening. The program features include (1) two-year placement of mid-career professionals with private sector experience (Management Partner, MP) within the MoH’s community health department, (2) leadership and management training for the MP and MoH counterparts, and (3) cross-country sharing of best practices and joint problem-solving.

AMP Health currently operates in Kenya and Malawi (Sierra Leone to launch in fall 2016) in conjunction with a growing partnership network that includes USAID, Office of the UN Special Envoy for Health, GSK, Merck, the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, the Goldsmith Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Current AMP Health work:

The inaugural cohort of MPs was selected in late 2015 and is embedded in the ministries of health in Kenya and Malawi. The MPs bring experience from working at McKinsey, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and other global private sector organizations.

In Kenya, implementation began in February 2016 and the AMP Health country team is currently working on strengthening data use so that it can be used for analysis and advocacy to address the impact of Kenya’s recent devolution of government. In terms of engaging with partners, the team is collaborating with the local private sector and other donors as part of measures to strengthen investments in and implementation of community health. Part of this includes the creation of effective investment cases for the financing of community health.

Implementation in Malawi kicked off in July 2016 where the team is working with the MoH to act on retention, productivity and performance issues – such as supportive supervision and mentoring – affecting their CHW program. In addition, the team will work to standardize services provided by CHWs, who deliver many of the interventions addressing preventable maternal and childhood diseases. The team will also develop investment cases for the Ministry of Finance and other partners to increase funding for community health.

Management Partner Role:

AMP Health seeks highly capable leaders to join MoHs as Management Partners. Each MP will serve as a problem-solving partner to national and regional leaders on high priority initiatives related to strengthening a country’s community health system. Based within the MoH, the MP will work closely with the head of the community health department and will report to a senior official in the MoH as well as to the AMP Health team. Specific MP work will be determined in collaboration with MoHs but could include, for example, industry analysis, program design, strategic planning, financial modeling/investment cases, operations, organizational development, marketing strategy, and/or stakeholder management.

AMP Health believes in the power of strong leadership and management for systemic change. Accordingly, the MPs will benefit from personalized best-in-class leadership development training that will help them grow as leaders and effective change-makers within MoHs. MPs and their MoH counterparts will also participate in needs-based trainings and work closely with MPs from other countries and a network of local and global mentors from the public and private sectors. These events will serve as a collaborative platform to promote dialogue and best practices in leadership, management and community health systems strengthening.


This role will require motivation, flexibility, patience, and a business-minded attitude. The right candidates will balance their proven business skills and results-driven approach with creativity, savvy, and humility. MPs should have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a passionate interest in – and commitment to – the strengthening of health systems in low-and-middle-income countries. It is expected that the desired candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in business management (MBA) or other relevant field preferred;
  • Fluency in English (speaking, reading, and writing);
  • 5+ years of private sector experience, preferably with a top-tier management consulting firm;
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with an ability to use qualitative and quantitative data;
  • Ability to work under pressure, respond to deadlines, prioritize competing deliverables, and be productive while working both independently and as part of a team;
  • Demonstrated success in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships in a multi-stakeholder environment with varying levels of authority, experience in government and the NGO world would be an added advantage;
  • Advanced skills in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, with experience in standard statistical or costing packages a plus;
  • Positive attitude and sense of humor;
  • Willingness and ability to live and work in a low-or-middle-income country for two years, with national and international travel up to 25% of the time; and
  • African nationality preferred.


The MP role offers a direct, meaningful, and high visibility path to public or private sector healthcare leadership, along with structured support from AMP Health’s partners and mentorship networks. This is an outstanding opportunity to drive dramatic health system improvements and strengthen leadership and management capacity within MoHs. The MP will be paid a competitive all-inclusive stipend.

To Apply:

(1) Submit the short biographical questionnaire located at and (2) submit a cover letter and resume by email to

Applications for the positions in Sierra Leone due by September 02nd, 2016. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; applying prior to the deadline is therefore strongly encouraged.

Please note that the final round of interviews may take place in the host country. Placements are expected to start as soon as possible.

For more information on AMP Health, visit:

Planner, actor or innovator? Which public health role is for you?

public health

Health improvement and making health better for all, is public health. Simple. But…we bet you knew that already. The first thing that came to mind when you heard ”public health” may have been masked figures a la the Ebola outbreak, but there’s much more to public health than just epidemics and diseases.

Having established that, do you think a public health career is for you? Read on to find out more.

Okay, imagine public health from the perspective of three groups. I call them, the planners, the actors, and the innovators.

The Planners – Behind the scene

Do you keep daily planners in your wallets or purses for your ”to-do” shopping lists? You do? Then, that suggests you have the ability to develop layouts on how to carry out activities! If you’re passionate about formulating and writing proposals, no matter how small, you are a planner. Oh yeah, it’s that simple.

Do you enjoy working with numbers? Well, knowledge in statistics, data analysis, data management and business intelligence expertise is all you need to collect and analyze health information. It goes without say that without numbers or data, there would be no health intervention.

More young women in industries that offer these skills set and expertise should consider taking their career prospects a notch higher within the public health arena.

Free stock photo of pen, calendar, to do, checklist

The Actors – Get on stage!

Just like in every script, someone has to get on stage and act!  Prevention and treatment as major tenets of public health offer a wide range of opportunities to allow for this.

Okay, picture this, the hand-wash adverts on TV with the proud mother ensuring that her children’s hands are squeaky clean after a hard day’s job. This is public health too. Are you championing hand-washing and basic hygiene in your community? Or are you engaging with other young women on sexual and reproductive rights? Look no further, you are one of the ACTORS!

If you love field work or outdoor activities, get on stage. Just remember that it doesn’t always come with the perks we read about in books or see in movies…but you may finally get that opportunity to travel and meet new people, as you literally try to save the world.

The Innovators – Seize the opportunity

I should say this is an exciting class to fall into, particularly, with the latest craze in I-TECH initiatives. Tech business is now a part of the world of health. Think of the mobile phone application that takes your heart rate and the menstrual cycle calendar on your device. And I can’t forget my personal favorite, the ‘calories burnt calculator’. Did you ever guess they were public health innovative tools? Well, they are.

Take the drones now used in transporting medications. Think of entrepreneurial activities such as designing of health promotion wellness kits, including mother and baby care products and sanitary towels as practical tools in health promotion. The list is endless. Prepare to think outside the box! Be an innovator! Create!

giphyPublic health is so not limited to those in the health field. It offers wonderful opportunities to everyone in their various chosen career paths. I believe there is a potential public health specialist in every young woman. And hey girl, if you’re a part of the public health sector, I’d love to hear about your experience and how you are changing healthcare in your country!

Join us next week on the SLA platform for tips for graduates and young women joining the public health sector.