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Health improvement and making health better for all, is public health. Simple. But…we bet you knew that already. The first thing that came to mind when you heard ”public health” may have been masked figures a la the Ebola outbreak, but there’s much more to public health than just epidemics and diseases.

Having established that, do you think a public health career is for you? Read on to find out more.

Okay, imagine public health from the perspective of three groups. I call them, the planners, the actors, and the innovators.

The Planners – Behind the scene

Do you keep daily planners in your wallets or purses for your ”to-do” shopping lists? You do? Then, that suggests you have the ability to develop layouts on how to carry out activities! If you’re passionate about formulating and writing proposals, no matter how small, you are a planner. Oh yeah, it’s that simple.

Do you enjoy working with numbers? Well, knowledge in statistics, data analysis, data management and business intelligence expertise is all you need to collect and analyze health information. It goes without say that without numbers or data, there would be no health intervention.

More young women in industries that offer these skills set and expertise should consider taking their career prospects a notch higher within the public health arena.

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The Actors – Get on stage!

Just like in every script, someone has to get on stage and act!  Prevention and treatment as major tenets of public health offer a wide range of opportunities to allow for this.

Okay, picture this, the hand-wash adverts on TV with the proud mother ensuring that her children’s hands are squeaky clean after a hard day’s job. This is public health too. Are you championing hand-washing and basic hygiene in your community? Or are you engaging with other young women on sexual and reproductive rights? Look no further, you are one of the ACTORS!

If you love field work or outdoor activities, get on stage. Just remember that it doesn’t always come with the perks we read about in books or see in movies…but you may finally get that opportunity to travel and meet new people, as you literally try to save the world.

The Innovators – Seize the opportunity

I should say this is an exciting class to fall into, particularly, with the latest craze in I-TECH initiatives. Tech business is now a part of the world of health. Think of the mobile phone application that takes your heart rate and the menstrual cycle calendar on your device. And I can’t forget my personal favorite, the ‘calories burnt calculator’. Did you ever guess they were public health innovative tools? Well, they are.

Take the drones now used in transporting medications. Think of entrepreneurial activities such as designing of health promotion wellness kits, including mother and baby care products and sanitary towels as practical tools in health promotion. The list is endless. Prepare to think outside the box! Be an innovator! Create!

giphyPublic health is so not limited to those in the health field. It offers wonderful opportunities to everyone in their various chosen career paths. I believe there is a potential public health specialist in every young woman. And hey girl, if you’re a part of the public health sector, I’d love to hear about your experience and how you are changing healthcare in your country!

Join us next week on the SLA platform for tips for graduates and young women joining the public health sector.

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