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Career hacks from 4 Motherland Moguls for 2020 motivation.

As Motherland Moguls living in the new millennia, we have a diverse group of women in leadership to get inspiration from. Here are lessons from 4 African women who have #slayed the past decade to help you to reach your Vision 2020 goals. 1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Get your receipts ??‍♀️ Chimamanda’s success in the […]

6 ways to work towards your BIG dreams: DIANA MGENI

They call me a dreamer as I live in the world of fantasy, devoid of impossibilities. Several ideas that constantly run in my mind have not always matured to fruition, and for this reason, they have constantly reminded me to re-evaluate my view regarding the dreams and come back to what they consider as reality. […]

You vs Them: Staying relevant in the dawn of rising business competition

[bctt tweet=”Never, ever, lose sight of your business game because of the competition” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Competition is everywhere. These days, everything is basically a competition in business, from online DIY blogs and vlogs giving clients all the information for the same services you render to the new enemy in the block rendering the exact same services […]

Why research in business should be a daily routine

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One of the very first lessons I learnt about entrepreneurship, is that if I don’t do it, someone else will and that once you do it, everyone else will. Let me break it down. The first lesson is probably much easier —someone will, eventually, spot the gap in the market and attempt to fill it. […]