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Lingerie, going viral and Beyoncé: 10 tips for building a global brand

The first #SheHive London event took place this August, with inspiring talks from some of the most interesting speakers in the city. One of them was Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin. From starting her career in banking to running one of the most popular new lingerie brands for women of colour, Ade’s journey is […]

5 lessons I learnt about navigating the entrepreneurial roadmap with Nieros Oyegun

At SheHive London, Nieros Oyegun, principal and head of Corporate and Financial Advisory at W8 ADVISORY gave an insightful talk about navigating the entrepreneurial roadmap. Here are five things I learned that I’m sure will be useful to you too. 1. It starts with an idea For any entrepreneur out there, the first step they […]

A day at SheHive – More than just entrepreneurship

shehive london

10.15 am: I’m back at Facebook HQ for another packed day of activities and more #blackgirlpower. Today’s session started with a fun task as well, Afua gave us a briefing and asked us to come up with a 30 seconds ad for SheHive and She Leads Africa. It could be acted out, spoken word format […]

A day at SheHive – #MotherlandMoguls are slaying

7:15am: I am not a morning person…This kept ringing in my head as I headed towards the station. It’s the first day of SheHive London and I was determined to arrive at Facebook on time. 8:43 am: After a quick brekkie at Itsu, I took out Google Maps feeling all savvy that I could find […]

Make yourself stand out: How to build your public profile with Imad Mesdoua

Big news, our first #SheHiveLondon event took place over the weekend. As with all our #SheHive sessions across the world, we were joined by inspiring speakers who are making waves in their industry. One of those speakers was Imad Mesdoua, a political risk analyst, senior manager at Africa Matters, TEDx speaker and the list goes on. […]

Who you’ll meet at SheHive London – Charles Sekwalor

Charles Sekwalor she leads africa

Charles Sekwalor is the founder of Movemeback, a members-only community that connects professionals with career and business opportunities in Africa. He’ll also be speaking at SheHive London this year. We spoke to Charles about moving back —what to expect, what to pack and how to deal with (reverse) culture shock. What do you think is […]

Who you’ll meet at SheHive London – Melba Mwanje

Believe it or not, SheHive London starts tomorrow! Melba Mwanje, Executive Finance Director for the Luanda International School in Angola and co-founder of SE1 United youth charity spoke to the SLA team about what she’s looking forward to at SheHive.  Thanks for speaking with us. Can you please introduce yourself, tell us who you are […]

Who you’ll meet at SheHive London – Lausanne Kimbidima

As we continue our countdown to SheHive London, we talked with Lausanne Kimbidima, globe-trotter, all-round travel enthusiast and founder of Good Africa. Lausanne shared a bit about her initiative and why she’ll be attending SheHive London. Thanks for speaking with us. Can you please introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what you do? […]

Who you’ll meet at SheHive London – Jessica Laditan

jessica laditan

Jessica Laditan is the Founder and CEO of Pop Up Africa, a pop up events company that runs African-inspired events across London. She’ll be one of the many participants at SheHive London (which is now just 8 days away!). SLA intern, Lamin recently talked with Jessica about her work and her expectations for SheHive London. […]

5 things you’ll miss if you’re not at SheHive London

shehive new york she leads africa

SheHive is coming to London! For 4 days, SLA is taking over Facebook HQ for a professional bootcamp. Between August 18 and 21, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the coolest people in London. This will  not only be a great experience for established entrepreneurs and professionals, but for aspiring career women of all […]