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The Millionaire Housewife’s rules for every side hustler

Whether you are looking to make some extra income or start a business while working, side hustling is no small feat. You must learn to balance your commitments, stay consistent and grow while you’re at it. Temi Ajibewa, founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy – an online platform that has helped over 5,000 women start […]

6 Ways to Harness and Monetize your Many Passions

Asides the obvious fact that the recent economic downturn has forced several young people to have multiple sources of income, it is quite the norm these days to meet people who have a full-time job and are running small businesses on the side. They are also known as “side hustles”, and even full-fledged companies complete […]

Side hustle 2.0: Tips for starting a side hustle in South Africa

With the way the economy is (well in South Africa), it is getting tougher to make ends meet. So, much like my last article, some turn to a second income in the form of a side hustle or business, while others, run their side businesses out of passion and enjoyment and not necessarily for the […]

Nnanke Essien: The Visibility Expert

Nnanke Essien is a visibility strategist and business transformation coach. She helps individuals with awesome ideas, products and services to get seen and found by their ideal clients. She does this using a 5 step visibility building process to build an effective and efficient visibility roadmap. Nnanke believes that the path to success is littered […]

Wana Udobang’s guide to balancing side and main hustles

Wana Udobang

[bctt tweet=”Working in full-time employment helped in many ways – @MissWanaWana” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Wana Udobang is a producer and director of the documentaries; “Sensitive Skin” a documentary film about the skin condition Psoriasis; “Nylon” a short documentary on memory, trauma, and loss; and the documentaries-series “Warriors” exploring the lives of people with sickle cell disease. She […]

Master the art of the side hustle in school

[bctt tweet=”If you are an active person in school you probably have 2-3 things going on at the same time” via=”no”] In university, it becomes important to effectively balance the primary purpose of being on campus (school) with every (and I mean every) other activity you have going on. From my first year in school, […]

Financial affairs in freelancing

[bctt tweet=”Like any business, freelancing has its peak seasons and its low seasons. Know them” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] So, you delved into freelancing. You jumped head first (or first dipped your toes, whichever works for you) into being your own boss and now nothing can stop you from working in your pyjamas. First of all, big hearty […]

Effectively handling multiple jobs like a pro

[bctt tweet=”Reading to be a professional job juggler? Here’s how to balance your 9-5 and your hustles ” via=”no”] So you got the gig! You are excited because you are finally on your way to doing something you really love. You spend endless hours on your side gig all in the hopes of being successful. […]