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How to build a team for your business

A lot of things compete for an entrepreneur’s time, especially during the early stage of business. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have an ‘A- team’ working in your business. As such, as an entrepreneur knowing how to build a team for your business is of the utmost importance. Building a business […]

5 skills your new team needs right away

Team work at She Hive NYC

So, you’ve got a new team on your hands. As a savvy manager, you’ve studied your team and decided that they need to work on some new skills. But you’re having a tough time making a choice on which skills are the most useful to ensure your team operates smoothly. Don’t worry, we have your […]

10 priceless ways to motivate your team

If you’re in charge of a team or a boss to your employees, keeping your team motivated is definitely one of your major concerns. We know this already. Add to the fact that as a young African woman, chances are your team may not view you as experienced because of your age and gender. In […]

10 things nobody tells you when you’re a new manager

I thought I was ready when I took on my first ‘official’ management role as a performance manager. I had technical ability (I’d undertaken a good deal of additional, unpaid supervisory work, under the guise of ‘development opportunities’ prior to that) and I had a professional attitude so I thought I was good to go. […]