Dear employee, what’s your leadership distinction?

 Every year for the last few years I’ve called a year a particular name. 2016 was called the year of outstanding distinction. 2017 the year of creative distinction, the year 2018 was the year of cutting edge distinction and 2019 I’ve called the year of global distinction.

There’s an unprecedented political, economic, socio-cultural and technological shift which involves easy access to fake news, fear news and forward-thinking news.

But, through it all, I truly believe we are in one of the most exciting times which I’ve called the era of creative distinction.

As an employee, know that the global market is now local, and the local market has gone global. And with the emergence of artificial intelligence, now is the time to lead with your distinction.

The first question is what actually is leadership?

In 2015 from my message of Cutting Edge Distinction, I penned the following quote,

“Leadership isn't about age but rather, leadership is about influence, impact, and inspiration - @Onyianyado777 Click To Tweet

As you see from my quote, it’s not about how old you are, how young you are, how long you’ve been in your job or industry, the essence of cutting edge leadership is simply the 3 I’s, influence, impact, and inspiration.

Question number 2, before you can serve and lead with your influence, impact, and inspiration, who is the first person you have to influence, impact, and inspire? That’s right, you got it, it’s you.

In this era of creative distinction, finding, developing and leveraging your distinction as an employee is key to your development and that of your department and organization as a whole.

So how should the 21st-century employee channel their leadership skills?

Lead with excellence

We’ve already established what the essence of cutting edge leadership is and from my message of cutting edge distinction, I’ve combined excellence and branding and created the 3 V’s of branding. Your vision, your values, and your voice.

The key to employee distinction is to be fully emerged with the vision, value, and voice of your organization, why?

If you’re not seeing, believing and saying what your organization is seeing, believing and saying, no distinction can be created in regards the prosperity, progress, and purpose of your organization.


Be a trailblazer and pioneer

On the image below I developed the 3 C’s of employee distinction. To lead with distinction in your chosen career, the 3 C’s have to be your way of life.

You’ve heard of thinking outside the box but in this era of creative distinction, using the ‘box’ as a stepping stone to save money, improve output and increase productivity is a key to leadership distinction.

Creativity is the new currency so regularly reading articles and watching TED Talks will, in my opinion, increase your creative awareness.

Once you achieved a task in work, actively look for other tasks to complete. If you find them hard, ask team members for assistance knowing not only does teamwork make the dream work, teamwork also makes you write, work and win with your leadership skills enhanced.

Bring constant change to your organization

With your understanding of what cutting edge leadership is all about, taking the lead to be known as a solution provider in your organization is a vital key to employee distinction.  

Spending quality time to serve, showcase and speak your distinction will mean you sometimes being misunderstood but because you’ve integrated the 3 V’s of your organizations brand, any misunderstanding will mean you’ll eventually be understood as a leader who is a critical thinker and a problem solver.

For the next seven days spend time observing the challenges you face at work and how quickly you use critical thinking to gain a quicker result. It doesn’t matter if you are a junior staff or you’ve been in your organization for less than say 6 months.

Your leadership distinction will come from constantly applying the 3 M’s of time management which can be viewed on the quote below and also asking questions, looking for quicker solutions, working in the team to see and understand the future goal and understanding, applying and really celebrating your leadership distinction.

So there you have it, you’ve been given the essence of cutting edge leadership and who the 21st-century employee is. With organizations desperately looking for employees who are thought leaders in nature and results, now is the time for you as an employee to lead with your distinction.

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It’s Yetunde Shorters here, chiming in sharing with you, as we plan for the New Year, seven powerful ways to level up your personal brand in 2019.

This year flew by so quickly that we couldn’t even catch a breath, but it’s never too late. You can start now and start today, and let’s plan for manifestations in 2019.

Below are my suggestions of 7 powerful ways to level up your purposeful personal brand in 2019.   


Planning means take the time one of these days before the year is over and sit down and plan for the things you want for your brand or your business.

Plan what your social media would look like, what each quarter would look like, and what products you’re going to launch.

Write it out. You have plenty of time to do that this year so that you can be prepared and schedule things for next year. That way, you save yourself some time.

You can start now and start today, and let's plan for manifestations in 2019 - @Yetunde . Click To Tweet


Manage your time like a boss. We all have 24 hours in the day. If you’re a solopreneur or you have a small team, you have 24 hours a day. You have a lot to do.

What that means is you need to be conscientious of how you spend your time.

What are you doing with your mornings? Do you find yourself on Facebook or Instagram immediately? STOP IT!!!

The first 90 minutes set the tone. Be intentional about those 90 minutes.


That means online and offline. Sometimes we get caught up in posting, and we forget that we have to engage other people, so dedicate 20 to 30 minutes of your time per week and go back to the people that follow and engage on their pages.

Like the comments, like their pictures, read stuff, and leave your thoughtful feedback. Also, do this in live events. That means go out more, look for networking or marketing events that you can be a part of.


If you are going to be doing events, a photo shoot or consulting with clients, write out what that looks like. For example, when a client inboxes you, what is your response? Or when a client responds to you.

What do you reply to that? Write it out step-by-step.

Having automated content helps in a way that when anything happens, you’re literally just cutting and pasting again saving you time. Or you can use e-services to create an auto send out.


This is one of the things that were actually in the recent book I had with the Better Business book. I shared the 10 things I’ve learned from my 10 years in business.

If I knew then, I would have documented any good thing that happened in my business. When you’re going to do a review of the year or an analysis to a client, you can go back and have documentation.

Documenting things is a great way to track your progress - @yetunde Click To Tweet

So, at the end of the year, if you have to do a year in review, you have all your ducks in a row. You have content for your portfolio. You have content for testimonials. It’s a great way to track your progress. 


This often depends on how engaged you are on social media or your newsletter or in person, to see what’s working.

Test it out and then come back and take off the things that are not working. Tracking and analyzing helps you see that your efforts are being put to good use.

That way, you will get into the quality of what works for your brand, and so you just rinse and repeat and use the things that work over and over again.


Create your automation systems. What does it look like when someone signs up for your newsletter or signs up for talking to you, what is that process?

If there’s anything you can automate, which means use a mailing service where something is automatically sent to them without you, your business can function without you; you automatically automate all the stuff that you want your customers or potential clients to know.

Again, you have a plan ahead, manage your time like a boss, map out your systems, connect better and more, document the milestones, track and analyze often, automate, engage, and convert.

These 7 steps are what you need to level up for your brand in 2019.

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Living Life with a Full-Time Job and multiple Side Gigs: 4 Commandments to adopt

6 months ago, I decided I needed to get a day job.

The decision came after I had run my fashion design business and realized I needed firsthand experience running the kind of business I wanted. I got a job as a Personal Assistant in a big manufacturing company. The role is combined with several other unofficial roles.

6 months down the line, I can safely say I am not so over my head as was 2 months ago.

Between this full-time job, running my fashion design business on a small scale and freelance writing, it is safe to say I had no “me” time. I had no life outside of work.

I had finally done two things I dreaded: living for the weekend and working hard without being productive.

Two months ago, I told myself that this had to stop.

I finally came up with a routine that helped me do all I wanted realistically and still have a life.

Here are my four quick tips for having a life with a full job and side gigs.

Balancing two or more responsibilities with self-care is hard but not impossible. Here are the 4 commandments to follow: Click To Tweet

1. Thou shall keep a To-Do list and use it.

I found out that having a to-do list keeps me organized. With so much to do at work and in my side jobs, I find myself running around a lot and doing nothing much.

My daily To-do list is organized the night before. I factor prayer, working out, my main job, my writing, my sewing in the evening into the list.

I make sure I leave blocks of time to accommodate the unforeseen jobs that will come up at work. This is a daily occurrence.

The To-Do list increased my productivity by 50%.

2. Thou shall set realistic targets

3 months into the job I developed stress belly and added weight. My face broke out and I started to wear wigs, leaving my natural hair matted under the wigs. Forget mani-pedi.  That was gone.

When I took the decision to get my life together, the first thing I did was set goals.

Safe to say the targets were pretty high and I gave up.

I went back to the board and re-drew the plan.

Work out thrice a week as opposed to every day. Drink water, get my nails done bi-monthly. Braid my hair once a month and wear wigs for the other days of the month.

2 months in, my stress belly has reduced and I still maintain my hair and nails routine.

3. Thou shall factor in “You” time

I love going to the movies, green tea, and red wines. One of the first things I stopped doing was going to the movies. Weekends were tight. No more tea time and wine time.

I now find time on Sundays to savor a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Most importantly I fix movie dates so I will have to make time for them. This means I must close out official work by Friday and put extra time into the writing.  It is worth it.

Relate each work experience to your business. This way your work and life is balanced emotionally. Click To Tweet

4. Thou shall find a purpose in what you do.

If your job pays a bit low like mine, you might grow resentful over time. This will definitely affect your work-life balance. For someone who wants the experience, this will make a terrible experience.

One way I have managed to balance myself emotionally is to relate each work experience to my business.

One thing I have learned to do is to be grateful and positive. It gives more light to the work I do. I make the choice to cut back when I can.

Balancing two or more responsibilities with self-care is hard but not impossible and we are getting there.

Till next time. For now, drink a glass of wine or cradle a cup of tea and take care of you!

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The GoalGetter’s guide to creating schedules for productivity

Where does your time really go?  The goalgetter’s guide is here to change your life!

Whether you are a full-time student, employed, a small business owner or you’re juggling all three, we are all bound to have moments of wishing for more time.

If you watched our webinar on personal efficiency and time management,  with Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa, and you’re still not sure how to create the time and discipline to be productive, NO WORRIES, we’ve designed for you a practical guide with some tips and tools to get you organized to and enable you to  get more things done.

Get you the goalgetter’s guide to learn all you need to know about time management, productivity, and discipline. And guess what? You’ll also get more tips directly from GoalGetter after signing up for this guide.

Topics this guide will cover:

  • How to schedule your weeks and days
  • Creating routines
  • Prioritizing
  • Time management tips and resources

The last two points will definitely do you good if you spend half your day doing sweet nothings, binge watching episodes on Netflix, or stalking Queen Bey and the twins on Instagram. 

Getting access to this guide is easy: just fill out the form below to join our community and get access to this guide, as well as AWESOME weekly content.

Don’t forget to send the sign-up link to all the serial procrastinators you know. Help a sister, brother, or frenemy out.


Handling “many eggs” in one basket: How to manage the hustle

Several eggs in your hustle basket? Here's how to be effective Click To Tweet

You have a great full-time job but because of passion and interests, there are many other eggs in your hustle basket. It’s becoming a struggle to be on top of your game in your different work zones and this is a huge pain point for you.

How the can you be more effective and ace each hustle?

Proper planning

So you’re a lawyer by day but also run online bi-weekly legal training sessions for your Facebook community? Or you’re a bank employee during the week and an event planner during the weekends?

You need to plan ahead. What are the things you need to achieve per week or per month in each work zone? How can activities be spread across to enable you to perform them efficiently?

For instance, you may need to take out a day to plan weekly/monthly activities. You will also draw out a schedule of when to perform specific tasks and follow through. A good plan is a foundation for work effectiveness.

A good plan is a foundation for work effectiveness Click To Tweet

Time management

It’s one thing to have a plan and it is another to follow through. Yes, you need to follow through otherwise you’d keep going round in circles. This means deliberate scheduling of planned activities and allocation of timelines.

Most times, we waste time on activities that do not in any way help towards our big picture. This makes our other work zones suffer. So you get on Instagram looking at lovely pictures, fashion statements and couple goals when you are supposed to be writing a book, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour? Wehdone ma, when do you think you’d finish that book?

 black women GIF

You need to start prioritising. Of course, you can take part in other activities but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your A-game.


By now, you must have realised that you cannot do all. Either because you do not have enough time or you do not have enough expertise in certain areas. You can achieve this by employing interns or entering a partnership with another business.

I can hear someone say, “but that would cost money”. Well, it may not always be free but could cost you something which is not necessarily money. Once you’ve identified the areas you need to delegate or outsource, then you need to get creative with payment options.

What then can you offer the person rendering you a service? If you are an accountant, you could offer to manage their books. If you’re the lawyer offering online legal sessions, you can offer legal training to the Facebook or Whatsapp community of the expert you are delegating to. The idea is to get creative in delivering value because trust me, you need help and you may not have all the money to pay.

Get creative in delivering, you need help and you may not have all the money to pay Click To Tweet


You should automate certain tasks. It makes things faster and saves you much needed time. For instance, you need to upload content on various social media platforms.

Instead of going from one to the other, get an app that helps you reach all at the same time. Or you work in a bank but bake for your clients too and you still want to be mixing your dough manually?

 black women GIF

Dear Motherland Mogul, you do not have time for that, invest in the right equipment. Please automate certain tasks so that it can increase your efficiency in other areas. Remember, asides work you still have other areas of life where your attention is needed: religion, relationship, social impact.

Automate certain tasks so that it can increase your efficiency in other areas Click To Tweet

Adequate rest

You also need to rest and engage in leisure activities. If you do not have good health or you are not well rested, there is no way that you can focus and act efficiently on the job. You need to be deliberate about your health and wellbeing. Eat well, rest well, have fun and when it’s time to work, go make us proud.

We are here cheering you on!


Webinar with Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa: Creating routines to maximize productivity (July 4)

Sign up for this webinar with @taffybete and learn how to get more done in less time (July 4th) Click To Tweet

Where is your time really going?

Time they say is money! But it’s also one mysterious thing that can creep up on you, and pass you without your noticing.

 As a Motherland Mogul who wants to SLAy in every area, you must take time management and personal efficiency very seriously.

You can’t keep blaming your unproductiveness on too much work or the fact that there are only 24hours in a day.

If you’re trying to get things done, but you’re not sure how to create the time and discipline to implement them, this one is for you.

Join us on Tuesday, July 4th as we discuss personal efficiency and time management. We’ll be chatting with Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa , a learning and development professional, specializing in training and coaching for productivity.

Tafadzwa has designed trainings on various efficiency skills like creating routines and schedules for productivity and creating and nurturing tribes for productivity.

This webinar will teach you everything you need to know about discipline, productivity, and how to reach your goals.

Register below to get the exclusive link to the webinar.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Time management 101
  • Scheduling your days and weeks (Minding the hours and minutes)
  • Creating routines: Showing up no matter how you feel
  • Time management hacks – reminders, timers, distraction free zones

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Tuesday, July 4th, 2017
  • Time: Lagos 2pm // Lusaka 3pm // Nairobi 4pm

Watch here:

About Tafadzwa

Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa is the creator of the GoalGetter Planner –  a customized daily organizer that helps users to translate their dreams and resolutions into SMART goals and develop action plans to achieve these goals.

She is also the founder of the GoalGetter Tribe a community that provides capacity building, inspiration, accountability and networking for young professionals and young entrepreneurs.

She is involved in community service as a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) where she is currently serving as the JCI Zambia National Training Director.  Tafadzwa is also a World Economic Forum recognized global shaper with the Lusaka Hub.

Holding on to your business, your day job and your sanity

your business your day job and your sanity

Itching to be an entrepreneur but not ready to give up your day job?

Lots of people begin their businesses as a side hustle. It definitely makes sense. When you first start your venture might not be the time to leave your full time job. Or you are still learning from and enjoying your day job. And let’s be honest, it pays the bills and entrepreneurship is a huge risk.

Whatever your reason may be for doing it, juggling your day job and a business is hard. But it’s not impossible. This guide will teach you the essentials you need to hold on to both AND keep your sanity.

Topics this guide will cover:

  • Deciding if this is the right choice for you
  • How to stay accountable to yourself and your new business
  • How to not burn out
  • Staying motivated through rough times

Don’t let this be you:

your business your day job and your sanity

Complete with worksheets and lots of ideas for helping you manage your time and energy, this guide is a can’t miss for anyone trying to juggle it all.

Getting access to this guide is easy: just fill out the form below to join our community and get access to this guide, as well as AWESOME weekly content.

Webinar with Nene Mboweni: How to balance your business & your studies (Nov. 1)

studies and your business

Missed this event? Make sure you don’t miss the next one by joining our community today.

A lot of you Motherland Moguls out there are busy chasing that diploma, but you still have entrepreneurial dreams floating in your head between classes and exams. You’re wondering how to leverage your school network to get your business started and how you will balance it with your studies.

Introducing: Nene Mboweni who has started two businesses, Mkweni Groundworks and Nnua Cakes, all while forging ahead in her biomedical science studies. On top of this, Nene volunteers her time and is actively involved on her campus and around her community. Did she clone herself? How does she juggle it all and what are her future plans for marrying all these interests? We’re about to find out.

Join us for a 30-minute (don’t be late, o) webinar with Nene Mboweni on November 1st, 2016. We’ll be discussing what it takes to be a student with a side hustle and answering your burning questions about the entrepreneurship/student life. Register below to get the exclusive link to the webinar.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Turning your side hustle into a business
  • Networking on campus and beyond & leveraging your connections
  • Balancing your business, your studies & other responsibilities
  • Preparing for post-grad life when your studies don’t match your business

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Tuesday November 1, 2016
  • Time: 8:00am NYC // 1:00pm Lagos // 2:00pm Johannesburg

Watch this webinar:

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About Nene  Mboweni

Nene Mboweni (21), matriculated in 2013 from Crawford College, in Sandton. She is currently enrolled at Wits University studying Biomedical science and to complete her final 3 years in Medicine at Wits. Nene works part-time at the Natalspruit hospital in Vosloorus on weekends and during her vacation. She is an avid baker and founder of Nnüa cakes an online virtual patisserie and decadent catering company. Not only has she done work for reputable companies such as Transnet, Vodacom and Primedia, she has collaborated with Jimmy Choo and Luminance on a luxury line of cupcakes and also worked with various high-profile clients and governmental organisations, having recently just done the 80th celebratory cakes for the late former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

She is also the co-founder of Mkweni Groundworks, a women owned construction company providing services in civil engineering, Rail and other sectors. Nene has been featured in Forbes Woman Africa, Destiny Woman,  Cosmopolitan for a lot of the work she has done .

She is a part time tutor in science and Mathematics at Bophelo Impilo School. Nene is extremely passionate about education and contributes all of her profits towards providing bursaries for students on campus. She has incubated several community initiatives including but not limited to the Courageous Ladies and the AfriSun Trust.



8 free business apps you should download right now

She Hive Lagos Participant on Email

We’re not going to point any fingers but some of you are addicted to your phones. Not in a cutesy ‘I just like to capture moments type of way’, but in an ‘if I don’t find network right now I will slap someone’ kind of way. 

It’s not our place to judge but that type of addiction might demonstrate your priorities aren’t straight. If you’re spending more time on your phone chatting and double tapping instead of getting work done, you might soon run out of money to pay for that data bill. Don’t fret —after all that doom and gloom you know your home girls at SLA have come to hook you up. 

What if you didn’t have to choose between work and play on your phone. What if there were these magical tools that could help you track your sales while you take your selfies?

That magical tool would obviously be two heads, and unfortunately for African parents across the world, we haven’t figured that one out yet. All we’ve done is find some cool mobile applications you can download right now to make it easier to get your work done while you’re on the go, looking for network signal.

1.Track My Life

Ever wondered how much time you spend watching makeup tutorials on YouTube? Track My Life can help you figure out how you’re spending your time. However, it won’t be able to stop you from clicking the next video.

This app can help you figure out which activities are taking up the majority of your time and if those aren’t high value tasks or helping you bring in more revenue, then they’ve got to go!

2. CamCard

Did you lose the business card you got from potential bae while you were “networking”? With Camcard you can manage and exchange business cards right from your phone.

Once you get a card, you scan details and they are stored directly in your phone. If you did mean to lose that card, what excuse are you going to use now? Your dog chewed it up?

3.Booksy Biz

Picture this, your side hustle as a makeup artist is starting to pick up, you’re getting booked every other weekend and it’s getting harder to keep track of your new clients. This is not the time for you to forget about appointments and lose the goodwill you’ve built up.

Booksy Bizz is a mobile appointment calendar and scheduling app that can help you manage staff, communicate with customers and manage appointments. This app will make it seem like you have a personal assistant working 24/7 when it’s actually just you in your pajamas, eating ice cream. 

4.QuickBooks Online

Keeping track of expenses is the worst!! Who even has time for receipts? says the person who doesn’t want their business running out of money. If you want to build a long term and financially sustainable business then you have to keep track of the numbers.

QuickBooks let’s you invoice clients and manage your expenses. Now you’ll have no more excuses figuring out where your money went.

5.Perch Small Business

Thanks to Perch Small Business you don’t need to reserve your Instagram stalking your friends and ex boyfriend’s new fiancée. You can now extend those skills to your competitors and their social media movements and know exactly what they’re up to.

Use Perch to get a bird’s eye view of reviews, social posts and promotion for you and your competition all in one place.

6. Tiny Scanner

Why is it that every single business transaction in Africa requires tons and tons of paperwork? I feel like the next time I go to KFC they’re going to ask for 2 passport pictures and a signed affidavit. If you’re in an industry that requires a lot of paperwork, then having access to your files in an organized manner is necessary.

Tiny Scanner let’s you scan your documents and save them on your mobile device, iPad, or tablet anywhere you go. 

7. HootSuite

It’s great that Instagram allows to switch between multiple accounts, but what about the wahala in switching between multiple social media platforms and keeping track of them?

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple networks, schedule posts, and engage your audience all in one place.

8. Wunderlist

Few things can compare to the relief you feel after checking off something on your to do list. This app will keep your business in sync whether you are managing multiple projects, delegating assignments to co workers or just making sure you actually eat during lunch time one day this week.

Know any other cool apps that have helped you increase your productivity, keep your mind focused and helped your business grow? Share them with us.