4 ways to sustainably self-gift

Just keep a good distance between yourself and irresponsible spending this year Click To Tweet

Are you familiar with the term pro-spending? Okay so maybe I coined and altered that one. I can promise you now though, you can spend productively. Now if you are part of the favoured and wise saving population that has a jar full of pennies to spend on gifts, then this one is especially for you. I mean, who better than you to buy yourself gifts and make your own little wishes come true, right?

Whatever you do and whoever you are, there is always something you know you should probably spend on but won’t. Instead of buying a whole lot of things you’re not even going to have or use, why not gift yourself sustainably?

Trust me, it’s very possible. I intend on schooling you on gifts you should consider addressing to yourself that you will still be proud of forever. Ready to self-gift?

1. Gifts to curb the struggle

Remember all those little items that you desperately need and want but your budget was like…?


Well why not spend on those items now? If you grew up in a family like mine, then you’ll know that we shop at the season-end sale of the previous one, and that’s the exact same principle we should adopt here.

It might be a study lamp for load shedding, a new suit for work, new devices and gadgets for freelancing or anything durable really. Even with this very ‘safe’ spending, it’s still possible to go over-board, so be cautious.

If the timing of your spending is wrong, even the 'necessary spending' can be reckless. Click To Tweet

2. PR and marketing

The beauty about PR and marketing is that one can always use more of it! This is a good time to look out for new ways to market your services, skills or business. Do this to a group of people with thousands of rands just waiting to be spent on you!

Whether you are an events MC, model, photographer, promotions person, marketing specialist, and so on, someone could use your help. Get out there, market yourself, communicate with your market, tell and show them what you can do.

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3. Branding

I can’t stress this enough, you need to get branded!


In all seriousness, branding legit goes a very long way. Get your logo on a cap or shirt, have your team wear those shirts to events for instance. You never know who’s looking!

An even better suggestion for those whose businesses are still on the ground, go get your logo designed/perfected. Maybe get business cards and hell yes, invest in that famous ‘info@yourbusiness.co.za’ email, you’ll thank me later.

4. Networking

I’m pretty certain most of you will like this one. If all you can do is go to festivals and picnics, then do it with a goal —network! Sneak a few business cards in your purse and casually give them to people you think you could possibly work with.

The upside of this is the opportunities that might come your way during the ever-so-rude hunger month that follows very shortly; JanUWorry. If there’s nothing at all you can think of, especially you early December pay and bonus ladies, I’m sure your bank would be happy to keep that money for you. You’ll be happier when you see it, plus the interest will save you on a rainy day!


Okay, don’t freak out yet, you’ll be good. Just keep a good distance between yourself and irresponsible spending this year.

How to treat yourself on a budget

You can save money even after you treat yourself if you follow these 5 steps Click To Tweet

If you were ever a Parks and Rec fan, you know Aziz Ansari and Retta’s characters always took out some time, to have a “treat yo’ self” day. It’s one day where you get to do everything that you usually wouldn’t do as a reward to yourself.

Sometimes Motherland Moguls have to cut the edge of and have a treat yo’ self day. Here’s how you can do it without breaking the bank.

treat yo self1. You still have to save for it

If you could escape saving, I bet you would. But saving is the surest way to avoid over-spending and feeling horrible about those $300 shoes for the whole year.

Putting a little aside won’t hurt your bank whilst still setting a tangible goal for something you have been meaning to get yourself.

You can choose to have fun at home to save while treating yourself Click To Tweet

2. Have fun at home

Sometimes going out with friends might leave you feeling all kinds of regret in the morning.

Consider alternating your going out to staying home having a games night, cooking dinner and having that be a group activity. You get to enjoy an awesome night in and away from the pesky ATMs and swipe machines.

kelly-rowland gif

3. Did someone say flea market?

Flea markets and thrift stores are awesome places to find cool looking clothes and items without breaking the budget.

You get the benefit of unique, usually quality clothing at way, way less and you can get a whole lot more than you would at a conventional store. Not only that you get a chance to support small entrepreneurs in your locality as well.

Always ask to find out if there are deals when you want to treat yourself on a budget Click To Tweet

4. Try and look for a deal

I mean, who does not love a good deal? Most places if you are looking are always offering to get alternative ways to give you value for your money. It could be half priced movies, two for the price of one deals or even service providers who give you packaged deals at cheaper rates for your business.

Always try to ask and find out if there are deals around to help you save that extra money. There are also sites that give you comparisons so you can make a more informed choice.

5. Go at it in a group

You haven’t been in vacation in awhile, or you want to attend an upcoming conference, well many operators give packaged deals for groups which will most likely cheapen your costs.

There is power in bulk buying and so if you can’t do it alone, try find some awesome people to do it with. This way everyone gets the benefit of saving their money for something worthwhile.

Now go ahead and TREAT. YO. SELF