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Are you familiar with the term pro-spending? Okay so maybe I coined and altered that one. I can promise you now though, you can spend productively. Now if you are part of the favoured and wise saving population that has a jar full of pennies to spend on gifts, then this one is especially for you. I mean, who better than you to buy yourself gifts and make your own little wishes come true, right?

Whatever you do and whoever you are, there is always something you know you should probably spend on but won’t. Instead of buying a whole lot of things you’re not even going to have or use, why not gift yourself sustainably?

Trust me, it’s very possible. I intend on schooling you on gifts you should consider addressing to yourself that you will still be proud of forever. Ready to self-gift?

1. Gifts to curb the struggle

Remember all those little items that you desperately need and want but your budget was like…?


Well why not spend on those items now? If you grew up in a family like mine, then you’ll know that we shop at the season-end sale of the previous one, and that’s the exact same principle we should adopt here.

It might be a study lamp for load shedding, a new suit for work, new devices and gadgets for freelancing or anything durable really. Even with this very ‘safe’ spending, it’s still possible to go over-board, so be cautious.

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2. PR and marketing

The beauty about PR and marketing is that one can always use more of it! This is a good time to look out for new ways to market your services, skills or business. Do this to a group of people with thousands of rands just waiting to be spent on you!

Whether you are an events MC, model, photographer, promotions person, marketing specialist, and so on, someone could use your help. Get out there, market yourself, communicate with your market, tell and show them what you can do.

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3. Branding

I can’t stress this enough, you need to get branded!


In all seriousness, branding legit goes a very long way. Get your logo on a cap or shirt, have your team wear those shirts to events for instance. You never know who’s looking!

An even better suggestion for those whose businesses are still on the ground, go get your logo designed/perfected. Maybe get business cards and hell yes, invest in that famous ‘’ email, you’ll thank me later.

4. Networking

I’m pretty certain most of you will like this one. If all you can do is go to festivals and picnics, then do it with a goal —network! Sneak a few business cards in your purse and casually give them to people you think you could possibly work with.

The upside of this is the opportunities that might come your way during the ever-so-rude hunger month that follows very shortly; JanUWorry. If there’s nothing at all you can think of, especially you early December pay and bonus ladies, I’m sure your bank would be happy to keep that money for you. You’ll be happier when you see it, plus the interest will save you on a rainy day!


Okay, don’t freak out yet, you’ll be good. Just keep a good distance between yourself and irresponsible spending this year.

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