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Botswana’s Healing Guru

Mother Masire is a graduate of The University of Botswana, with a BA in Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology and Public Administration. She also did a number of developmental courses including brand and project management to support her marketing and advertising career. As one who is always willing to learn when interested in a subject […]

6 ways to tone down your stress levels

It is not uncommon to see someone you know, perhaps your friend, a family member, or a colleague whose demeanor is looking unusual, and you show concern by asking the question: ‘why is your appearance looking so dull today?’  and their reply goes ‘it is stress’. Recently, I attended a meetup where young women discussed […]

How to celebrate Valentines Day – with or without a Boo

With Valentines around the corner, Yes I’m sure you’ve seen the countless teddy bear, red roses and champagne combo begging for your attention. And being within the self-care era as a reigning champion. What are the options you could consider this Valentines? Single or not, you should have just as much fun as the next […]

Need some zoning out? – 4 quick ways to create mini escapes

An average African woman is strong. There is no argument. Her strength is not basically physical. She is emotional, mentally, psychologically and spiritually strong. Nobody expects her to need an escape, once in a while. Naturally, mental health or exhaustion is mostly not discussed in Africa (we are improving but not yet). Nobody likes to […]

How to stop procrastinating using ‘temptation bundling’

[bctt tweet=”Procrastination is like a credit bill: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Does this scenario sound familiar? You wake up in the morning, pump your fist in the air and tell yourself that today you will finally go to the gym and exercise. As the day goes on, you’re […]

How to build a daily culture of rest (The rest rituals of the rich)

[bctt tweet=”We live, work and play, burning out and hoping for resuscitation over the holidays” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] I learnt that we do not have a culture of rest in our society and holidays reveal that for me personally. We live, work and play, burning out and hoping for resuscitation over the holidays. You can’t put your […]

The scramble to the top: 8 things overlooked in a fitness entrepreneur’s journey

[bctt tweet=”People have to see to believe that you are capable of transforming fitness goals into a physical reality” via=”no”] The hustle is real. Becoming a fitness entrepreneur may be one of the hardest career choices a person can make because of the required level of patience and discipline accorded to success in the fitness […]

7 ways to maximize your productivity everyday

[bctt tweet=”Being productive is not about working longer, it’s about working smarter & achieving more” via=”no”] There was a girl that would wake up at 4.45am every morning to set off for work at 5.00 am. She would stop by the gym for an hour before arriving at work; eat breakfast between 8.30 am and […]

Humbulani Ravhura: I would love to make yoga more accessible to black people

Humbulani Ravhura

[bctt tweet=”Humbulani Ravhura: The African dream will not happen if our bodies are dying” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Some of us are very familiar with the struggle between keeping fit and registering at an expensive gym. Humbulani Ravhura learned yoga from a DVD and enjoyed it so much she went on to train as a yoga teacher. Now […]