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Inspiring Stories of Tenacity and Triumph

In the vast expanse of entrepreneurship, where dreams are nurtured and destinies forged, we find three extraordinary women who dared to turn their visions into reality. Priscilla, and Ubok, each with their unique stories and ventures, have embarked on a journey that is both exhilarating and challenging.

Venturing into the Unknown

For Priscilla, the spark that ignited her entrepreneurial journey was the desire to impact lives through idea development and business structuring. She founded Cylla Designs, a venture that enables other entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses and brands. Priscilla emphasizes the importance of determination, grit, and resilience in the entrepreneurial game. Her journey from being a Newscaster to a tech-driven entrepreneur is a testament to her unwavering resolve.

Ubok’s entrepreneurial adventure began during the COVID-19 pandemic. The isolation and loneliness she experienced led her to discover an untapped market for locally made bags. This discovery became the foundation for her business, where she leverages technology to design and produce custom bags. Ubok’s story underscores the significance of seizing opportunities and adapting to changing circumstances.

Golden Nuggets of Wisdom

One piece of game-changing advice Priscilla shares is the importance of market research before starting a venture. Knowing that there is a demand for your product or service can save valuable resources. For Ubok, separating personal and business accounts has been a golden nugget. It allows her to track her business’s profitability accurately.

Navigating Stormy Seas

In the world of entrepreneurship, challenges are par for the course. Priscilla’s secret sauce for handling tough times involves taking a break, reevaluating her steps, and indulging in activities she loves. Ubok, on the other hand, finds solace in family time, travel, movies, good food, and mentorship.

Proud Moments and Achievements

Priscilla takes immense pride in knowing that she has helped aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful brands. Ubok’s proudest moment came when her business achieved its first million in income from bag production. These milestones validate their dedication and hard work.

The She Leads Africa High Growth Coaching Program

Both Priscilla and Ubok express their gratitude for their participation in the She Leads Africa High Growth Coaching Program. The program has equipped them with essential skills, from better negotiation to effective team leadership. The camaraderie among female entrepreneurs and the wisdom shared by mentors have been invaluable.

As these women continue their entrepreneurial odyssey, they exemplify the spirit of resilience, innovation, and determination. Their stories serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that with the right skills and unwavering commitment, they can overcome any challenge and achieve remarkable success.

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Priscilla Chinekwe, Founder of CyllaDesigns

Priscilla Chinekwe is a graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. She is passionate about building businesses, fostering communities, and making meaningful contributions to society. Priscilla is a staunch advocate for the empowerment and advancement of women and girls globally, recognizing the systemic challenges they face.

Her extensive experience as a Broadcaster and On-Air Personality in various television and radio stations has provided her with a powerful platform to address pressing societal issues, particularly those affecting women and girls. Through her broadcasts, Priscilla has consistently lent her voice to highlight and combat these challenges, striving for a more equitable world.

Ubok Ameh, Founder of Uban Leathered

Ubok Ameh, a young, enterprising female lawyer with 8 years of post-call experience, is the founder of Uban Leathered, a technology-driven bag brand specializing in crafting premium corporate and casual leather products. Within two years of its inception, her business has generated nearly 5 Million Naira in revenue, a testament to her fusion of legal expertise and artistic flair.

Beyond her business success, Ubok has trained over twenty individuals in the art of bag making and is deeply committed to empowering young people to transform their skills into sustainable wealth. Her weekly mentoring sessions for teenagers reflect this passion.

Eager for continuous growth, Ubok pursues diverse knowledge, irrespective of the field, for its transferable value. To unwind, she immerses herself in music, mastering over five instruments, notably excelling in the saxophone and keyboard.

Supported by her husband, Dr. Johnson Ameh, Ubok is dedicated to making a positive impact in both her personal and professional spheres, driven by her belief in the potential for meaningful contributions beyond the legal realm.

Instagram: BAG FACTORY IN NIGERIA || Bag Maker (@uban_leathered) • Instagram photos and videos

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