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Time is fleeting, January was just but yesterday and December is already here. 2017 was supposed to be your year, yet when you look back through the year you can’t put a finger on your achievements.

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You cleared campus last year and your dream job has been real evasive, so you settled for an internship in some company that people barely know of instead of one of the big four companies in your field.

Or, you are this Interior design graduate that decided to go the entrepreneurship way. You were of the opinion that you were just what the market needed.  Your twenty-something self got into the market and reality hits you. 

You realized you need to create a niche for yourself, do multiple gigs to earn respect and trust from your clients before you become the big name that everyone relates to. This means you need to invest time and money.

You have time, but not so much money. What should you do to keep going and to make this building stage of your career is fun and successful?

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Planning is key to get you either to the top of your career or to make you the go-to person in your chosen business field. Not planning is planning to fail.

If you just got into the business field, this means there is so much to learn at once, you are in unfamiliar territory, unchartered waters. So for you to make progress you need to have specific goals and a timeline for when you want to achieve them.

This keeps you on track and you can constantly monitor how much more you need to put in financially and time-wise to get your dream off the ground.


At the start of something new even though we may have clear goals, we tend to waiver or get distracted by the new things in the field we are setting out to conquer. In the spirit of familiarising ourselves with our area of interest new ideas cross our path.

At this point consistency, you can’t be close-minded, because our current world is a technological one and things change too fast but you need to be consistent in terms of exactly what goal you would like to achieve. Set your mind on a given area and then see it to the end.

You will get disappointed, things won’t exactly follow your already written script, but girl consistency means you don’t stop putting in the work.

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Most younglings get into the market with a lot of energy but after a few setbacks they wear out and begin to give up on their own dreams. No, do not take your eyes off your vision.

To become a motherland mogul, you have to develop a thick skin, learn from your detractors and use failure as a stepping stone to get you up the success ladder.

As the year comes to a close, count your losses but do not concentrate on them use them as lessons. Pick out what worked and build your new year goals around this. This is how one gets to be an expert in any field.

Choose a mentor to work with you towards your success

Mentorship is key for beginners. You are brilliant but having someone to hold your hand as you walk the journey towards your success makes your dream more realizable. A mentor acts as a check and balancing tool.

They will help you ensure you do not get too distracted or discouraged that you veer off your goals. They will be your extra eyes in the business arena or in your career.

Choose someone you trust or someone whose success is something that has encouraged you to set out on your own. This way they journey can act as a guide to you.

What steps are you taking to ensure that the next year is a better one for you?

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