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Being a woman is a great privilege, it may not always feel like it, because society has never been taught the true value of a woman. However, we are now seeing more and more women embracing each other and celebrating the extraordinary beings that they are.

More women are realising their worth and the world is slowly benefiting from this. As the new year starts, I predict 2017 will be the year of the extraordinary woman because:

Her body

The extraordinary woman will work to build and keep the body that she is comfortable with. An extraordinary woman will know that her body, that she is truly comfortable with, is the perfect body for her existence.

An extraordinary woman will fall in love with her beautiful and healthy body and know, she does not need to compare herself to anyone else. She is enough and she is perfect.

running gifHer presence

When an extraordinary woman walks into the room, her presence will be felt by all. Not because she will be loud, rather, her energy, spirit and positive mindset will fill the room. The way she interacts with others in the room will indeed be, extraordinary.

She will be attentive when others are speaking, she will take a genuine interest. She will leave others feeling increased after speaking to them. They will remember her because of how she made them feel. Her presence is a privilege to those who meet her.

Her love

An extraordinary woman will not allow her love to be taken for granted. She will give unto the others the same love she would like to receive. However, should the same courtesy not be extended back to her, she will learn and fully understand.

We all don’t share the same intentions in this world and just because you have been stung, does not mean you have to cage yourself off in order to stay out of harm’s way. Heartache builds character.

new york gifAn extraordinary woman will know, love starts within. She will fall in love with herself, flaws and all. An extraordinary woman will know, putting herself first is not selfish. Her cup needs to be full and over running before she can start pouring out to others. She will always love herself until the end of time.

Her mouth

An extraordinary woman will use her mouth to build. Before speaking out loud, an extraordinary woman will know to say the words in her head first. She will ask herself, “what purpose will these words serve?”.

Each word that comes out of the extraordinary woman’s mouth will carry value. She will speak only words of increase to herself and others. Her mouth will be a tool and she will know and appreciate it. At times it is better to listen than to speak and silence is not ignorance, it speaks louder than words.

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Her confidence

An extraordinary woman will be so sure of herself that no praise or criticism will stop her flow. She will humble herself and her work will speak for her. She will not place her confidence in mankind, but in a higher power.

The extraordinary woman will set standards for herself and if you cannot rise to her standards she will be happy to part ways. She will know we all have different callings and purposes for our existence. Therefore, she will not feel threatened by anyone else in this world.

tumblr_lh98203yv71qesepao1_500 gifShe will know if she tries to compete or compare herself to others, this will distract her from her purpose. An extraordinary woman will help others up knowing that despite her confidence, one day, she too may fall.

Let’s hop aboard on this journey together and make this year our year. We might not be there yet, but thankfully we are not where we used to be. We are still on our way and that’s even more important.

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