How to know if you’re ready to be an entrepreneur

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Are you feeling an itch to test your prowess as an entrepreneur? Do you think it’s time to get to some self-medication for this entrepreneurial fever? Don’t! There is no magic pill that catapults you from your office cubicle to the members-only entrepreneurs island. Your success lies in a tiny mustard seed that needs to be nurtured. It’s the streak of hope that your crazy idea might just work. The glimmering light that tells you that you can make it.

Starting a business means you’re opening up to possibilities between immeasurable success and catastrophic failure. The difference between the two can leave you indecisive. There may not be a set time or perfect recipe to starting your business. However, there are hints to let you know that possess the qualities to be a successful entrepreneur.

Unsatisfactory work…


Your present job no longer fulfills you like in the good old days. Instead it drains your energy and sucks life out of you like a vampire. Or it could be that you’re stuck under the heels of a Devil wears Prada boss barking orders at you here and there. When you stop getting fulfilled by your work, your work efficiency and productivity goes down. Beware though, a few bad days doesn’t guarantee that you are ready to walk down the entrepreneurial road. You have to be extremely tired of working for someone.

A burning passion

We have all attended (or been dragged to) those business pitch talks that set our imagination wild with ideas on how business is the next-thing for us. I’m talking about those presentations done by shady-looking speakers with fascinating (fake) success stories of how cash was made within no time. As an entrepreneur you shouldn’t be carried away with the hype.

Entrepreneurial passion is about the itch. It’s about a business idea that won’t let go. This itch stems from inside you; it irritates you to get it done. It’s that pounding thought that tortures your mind from months. Most businesses that flourish are those that are hobbies of the business owners. If you have guts to turn a hobby into business, then you are ready to fly.

Understanding that 100% of your efforts could vanish giphyBy now, you understand that there are serious risks involved in entrepreneurship; it could be losing all capital investment, facing legal problems or accruing debts. Before starting a business, you should research on the risks involved and how to mitigate them. Talk to experts whose start-ups failed, you could learn a thing or two.

Do you think and act like an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are fascinating people; they think and act in a certain way. They are never content with things the way they are. Entrepreneurs always seek alternative ways to improve existing ideas. They take risks and are thrilled with trying new things. They are motivated by control, problem solving and creativity.

A new business will teach you more than you think. You get to acquire new skills, grow thick skin and face the challenges that confront your ego.


You’ve got to answer the question —why am I starting a business? Is it because my job is boring? Can I be a better boss? Can I create new ideas? Will I solve problems more effectively? Have I reached a ceiling in my career? The answers to this question may be varied but you need to be truthful to yourself

Finally your attitude dictates it all. If you don’t give up, don’t take no for an answer and don’t take things personally, then you are set for setting out in the Motherland Mogul path.

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