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Who’s ready for Black Friday?

The annual shopping event is right around the corner, and this is the time of the year when we hear of consumers, especially in the United States literally running over each other to get a deal on TVs, iPads, toys and more!

Even in Nigeria, e-commerce giants like Jumia are running mega Black Friday deals on electronics, fashion, beauty and more!

For business owners, Black Friday the perfect time to target the average millennial woman who wants to shop for her loved ones conveniently, slay effortlessly and save responsibly.

Most especially for retail businesses, Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season.

Here are the top things to consider while promoting your business in order to exceed your sales target for the festive season and beyond:

Customer Information is Key

 Information about your customers is a major key – (like DJ Khaled says) and there is no exception to this.

It is important to keep a record of your bio-data and contact information, except payment. This method makes it easier to interact with your customers and disseminate promotional materials.


Stock Count and Inventory

 Every business’ goal is to maximize sales during the festive season, by offering a wide variety of products and services, It is specifically important for businesses to have a record of sold, discounted items, stock in storage, returns, and damages.

The ability to keep good records also makes it easy to restock products that are down in numbers.


 It is critical to paint an impression of professionalism, this can be achieved by issuing receipts of purchase to customers.

The option for e-receipts is appealing to a lot of millennials especially those who care about the environment.

This option also makes it easy to track returns, refunds or exchanges even when a customer loses their paper receipt. It is also a more affordable option for the business owner.


Loyalty Programs

 Loyalty reward programs help bring customers back to purchase more from you, and the chance to retain their points.

Instead of giving out products for reaching certain values, it lets consumers also choose store credit, which clearly means they’re going to keep coming back for more.

There are many technology platforms in Nigeria that provide these benefits to their clients such as Cloud-based Point-Of-Sale software CerveApp, Payment Processors Pay-Stack, and, online e-commerce solution, all reliable technology platforms for small business owners.


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