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Let’s start by being thankful for the New Year (Mama, we made it!)


And hopefully, it’s going to be the year  for breaking new career frontiers and becoming own our #BossLady. While we’re in the pursuit of greater career success, let’s not overlook the one thing that really matters; gratitude.

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Understanding the importance of being thankful and showing appreciation is one major key for career success. Generally, when we show gratitude on a personal basis, we tend to attract more good things and have people want to help us out, over and again; same applies to our professional life. Being grateful in our professional lives and learning to show gratitude equally goes a long way to create real and lasting impact in our careers.

So, no matter the level of your career success, be it #MotherlandMogul or aspiring #BossLady, there’s a lot more you can achieve by constantly being thankful, and here’s just a few:

Advances your career


When you stay grateful for how far you’ve come in your career (which may not be sooo far), you increase your positive vibes to become better. Self reflection for criticism is good once in a while. However rather than sulking yourself to stagnancy by constant complaining, be thankful for your achievements so far.

Even if it’s only a degree you have just yet or you’re on your way to getting one, still be thankful. This way, you allow for increased positivity and energy which lets you plan and plan the next step to take.

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Improves your career

Grateful people are happy people, and happy people are more productive, engaged and resilient in their career. Happiness always pays off in your career.


It also helps you focus on your goal, stay optimistic, and continue to strive for the best despite the hurdles life may throw at you. Also, you get to improve your decision making skills, which eventually improves your self esteem and your social interaction.

Improves your professional relationships

Being grateful helps deepen and improve your professional relationships, while building new networks. When you’re being thankful, you attract mentors, protégés, investors and even amazing partners.

People love to help out and be around grateful individuals, because gratitude always has an effect on everybody.


Increases opportunities

Opportunity comes, but not once. When you appreciate people more, chances are that you’ll always be readily in their mind to be referred for new career opportunities they find to be essential for you.

[bctt tweet=”Forming the habit of always being thankful would be a great for your career this year” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”]

Increased productivity

Learn to appreciate your team, employees, colleagues, and the endless list of people you deal with.


It improves their esteem which motivates them to get more work done for you and even go the extra mile when necessary. Gratitude makes people feel good about helping you out which is essential in achieving your goals and visions.

There are a whole lot more benefits of gratitude beyond our career life, and forming the habit of always being thankful would be a great value for your career this year. Whatever your position, learn to be thankful, always.

Get rid of any feeling of entitlement you might have and learn to give genuine gratitude. Now if you’re ready to start implementing my advice, download the SLA Gratitude List and start making things happen.


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