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Growing and marketing your brand via social media – The tale of 5 #MotherlandMoguls

[bctt tweet=”When used right, digital media can be harnessed to make a direct impact in the society” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It is not often that one catches five aspiring women in the same spot. Well, maybe it’s often, but what are the chances of finding them engaged in a fashion project to raise awareness and funds for […]

Natasha Bassey: I want to be better and to make others better

[bctt tweet=”I try to add value to someone, somewhere, somehow each day – Natasha Bassey” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] At a time when most young ladies will give an arm and foot to work in one of the biggest Telecomm companies in Africa, this #MotherlandMogul took a wild leap and it is taking her places. Meet Natasha Bassey, […]

Unmarried womenconomics: Managing your finances for the future

[bctt tweet=”You may want to start saving ahead if you plan to marry and have kids in the future” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] So you are just like me. Young, wild and free. In the bloom of youth. No husband has stamped his logo on your heart yet, and there are yet no children to wrap themselves around […]

Against all odds (bouncing back after a failed business)

bounce back

I recently experienced a failed business and it would have been devastating if not for my support team. The good thing about failure for a positive minded person (which should be the mind set of an entrepreneur) is the ability to use the experience as a learning process. When a business venture fails there are […]

Webinar with Nene Mboweni: How to balance your business & your studies (Nov. 1)

studies and your business

Missed this event? Make sure you don’t miss the next one by joining our community today. A lot of you Motherland Moguls out there are busy chasing that diploma, but you still have entrepreneurial dreams floating in your head between classes and exams. You’re wondering how to leverage your school network to get your business […]

Black women and the MBA: What to consider

shehive london she leads africa mba

Despite the fact that rising tuition costs have led some to question the true value of an advanced business degree, the MBA remains a popular course of study. It’s certainly expensive. And the first few years out of school can be difficult as graduates look to balance budding careers with paying off student debt. But […]

9 non-cliché ways to celebrate International Women’s Day

International Womens Day

International Women’s Day is upon us! On March 8th, women all over the world will be celebrated as part of International Women’s Day. Every year, this day comes and goes, and sometimes we don’t even notice it. Or for those of us that do, we spend it doing the same thing – girl’s night! Spa day! Now, there’s […]

5 ways to out-hustle the competition like African market women

african market woman

African women are naturally inventive, creative, and entrepreneurial – we aren’t the idle type. We work with our hands, minds, and wits. We find things we’re good at —even if it’s just a hobby. If you’ve been to Makola market, in Ghana, you’ve seen the endless rows of stalls, tables, kiosks and booths of market women […]

7 things I learned from my first startup failure

At the beginning of 2014, Kegaugetswe Florence Mukwevho and her two business partners started a food company. The startup, which launched in April of that year, was on a mission to create youth employment by operating a low cost, scalable mobile kitchen for a local growing chicken brand. The business was doing well in its […]