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Clothing etiquette is defined as ‘knowing what is appropriate to wear for particular occasions’. In other words, what you wear is defined by the entertainment. For example:

  • Black is the standard colour to a funeral, as opposed to a bright yellow or pink.
  • Lighter colours are worn to weddings, and seldom black (unless specified) —although it seems to be in trend at the moment.
  • Bright colours and short items are not worn in court.

No matter how great you look, when looked at in isolation, wearing something really great for the wrong occasion can totally take away your elegance and style. Fear not, with styling, you can dress certain items up or down to fit the entertainment or occasion.


Let’s take jeans for example, as these are nearly worn by everyone, every day. So naturally, one often has to wear them appropriately as they transition through the day and various activities. Let’s look at a Saturday for example, where one may run most of their errands, have a coffee date and end the day with a fun and social evening. We’ll use boyfriend jeans in this scenario.


Comfort is key when you’re running errands, as one needs to move around easily. So something easy to wear and comfortable is required. These boyfriend jeans could be styled with a loose T-Shirt, hat or cap, some sneakers and perhaps a scarf and sunglasses for a bit of flair.

Sneakers give the look a relaxed, practical and comfortable feel; they are for running around. A scarf and hat add some personality to the outfit. Here’s our look below:


Coffee date

Now for that coffee date later on, the same jeans could easily be taken from my morning errands to a meeting, by adding some sandals and styling the hair a bit. One could throw on a blazer/jacket to add a smart and sophisticated element to the look.


Evening look

With that coffee date/meeting done and dusted, this look could easily be translated into an evening look. This would be achieved with adding some glamorous heels, a smart top, some bold jewellery and a stylish hair-style. Here’ the look below;sla-clothing-etiquette-2

With that said, none of this is set in stone. You can easily run errands in any of the looks above, or go out in the morning look, if it were to a pub where you need not really dress up. One can style outfits as they wish, by playing around with clothes, colours, textures, statement pieces, as long as they fit the occasion and make one feel great.

With that said, stay stylish and rock on!

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