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Happy New Year to you all. Congratulations we made it!!

It’s the first month of the year, and it seems like just yesterday that we were saying “2016 is going to my year” and I truly hope it was. I hope 2016 was the year you finally went back to school, or lost the last 10 pounds of your baby weight or quit your 9-5 and started your own business. If this person is you, “you go girl!” We are all so proud of you! Keep reaching higher in this new year.

But for many of us, we are nursing the wounds of our failed New Years resolution from last year. The gym membership you bought only got used in January, you never quite got the hang of sticking to the budget that was supposed to help you come out of debt and your business never made it to year two. This doesn’t mean that New Years resolutions are bad, in fact I hope you have started creating your list for this year.

For many of us after the countdown to the new year and getting our kiss at midnight, comes the new year blues. January can be the hangover month where we suddenly come face to face with all the things we didn’t do last year.

All the projects we started and did not finish. The relationships that was supposed to lead to the altar but failed. The friends that left us last year. It can all be very depressing. So before you get all moody for the new year or anxious to make new goals, here are some tips to help you deal with last years disappointment.

Be genuinely happy for your friends, your season is coming too

bande_des_filles dancing gifIf you are in the right girl squad, you should constantly see your friends succeeding. You should constantly be going to  store openings, weddings, baby showers, business launches and etc.

You shouldn’t be bitter at the successes of your friends, actually I would encourage you to get a new circle of friends for 2017 if your current circle isn’t full of girls constantly winning. So don’t get bitter, get better.

Remember that social media is just a highlight reel


Okay, when did December become the “celebrate everything” month? By Christmas day, I had already counted 4 engagement announcements, 3 “Guess who is pregnant again” posts and 5 promotions and college acceptances. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my friends. But before I sink into a depression, thinking that I am behind all my peers, I remember that people rarely post about their negative experiences on social media.

Never let social media be the measure of how badly you are doing or how much your friends are thriving. Social media can be dangerous because we have a front row seat to people’s strengths and achievements. At the same time, we are so intimately aware of our own weaknesses and failures.

I have a friend who posts things like “Grad school is kicking my butt, I gained 10 pounds and I didn’t get that job I wanted, but I will keep trying”. Now that is someone who definitely went on my gifts list for Christmas. We all need people who honestly remind us that the grass is not greener where they are.

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Failure is okay —the only people who don’t fail are those who don’t try


Nothing I say here matters. Because if you wont listen to Queen B, why would you listen to me? No but seriously, write a list of all the things you failed at last year. And then next to it, write all the things you learned even though you failed.

Many of us need to remember that the mark of success is rarely about the destination but rather the process and the lessons learned along the way. Sure you were denied that grant that you needed to run your business, but in the process you learned how to write a killer business proposal.

Not to forget, you nailed the presentation even though a year ago, public speaking terrified you. Does that sound like failure? So go on, make that list, and be pleasantly surprised at all the things you accomplished last year by “failing”.

Try again, this year tomorrow


Seriously! Try again! Keep trying. Keeping going until you hear a “yes”. As a Motherland Mogul the only thing you should not chase is a man…Every other thing is fair game to be chased down.

If you are disappointed at the end of 2016 that is a sign that you know you are capable of more. Do you know what Africa would look like if all the girls who failed last year and those girls who succeeded this year decided to just keep trying? To keep pushing. Keep writing. Keep creating. Keep drawing. Keep building. Keep coding. Keep loving themselves.

[bctt tweet=”Every single Motherland Mogul is capable of so much! Don’t be scared of failure” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”]

Whether you are in the failed bucket or succeeded bucket one thing is certain, there is room for so much more…and you know it! I cant wait to see all the many successes of Motherland Moguls this year. Every single one of you are capable of so much. #SquadGoals

Cheers to more winning in 2017!

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