Fikile Skhosana: I help victims to become survivors

Fikile Skhosana
I became a police officer because I like challenges, protecting others, and solving problems Click To Tweet

Fikile Skosana is a Detective Constable and Investigator employed by the South African Police Service, under Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offense Unit. She is constantly solving critical cases related to women and child abuse and assault.

Fikile is giving women, whose rights are violated, the freedom to speak out and find justice and closure for their ordeals. This brave and compassionate 33-year-old always finds it rewarding when she solves a case and turns a victim into a survivor.

When most young girls dreamed of being nurses or working in other ‘feminine’ jobs, you chose to be a police officer. How did you come to that decision and what did your parents say about it?

I became a police officer because I like challenges, protecting others, and solving problems. My parents were not happy at first but now they believe in me.

Police work is seen as a field typically better suited to men, what has been your experience with working in a male dominated field and have you ever felt incompetent because you are a woman?

The job is not gender-specific, ultimately police officers have to be the same regardless of gender. As a woman, I don’t go out to fight but to calm the situation. I always feel competent, especially after solving a case.

For women who feel guilty or responsible for their rape ordeal, sexual assault or abuse, what do you say to them or how do you act in such circumstances? How do you create that safe space for them that allows them to speak up freely and be heard?

Some kids feel more comfortable talking to a mom-type person, same as rape victims, they feel free and safe talking to women.

I listen to them, I tell them they are safe, I help victims to become survivors.

What is your motivation every morning that keeps you going to work in a challenging and potentially risky field?

Helping people and stopping other people from becoming victimized. The difference I make in someone’s life is what motivates me.

The difference I make in someone's life is what motivates me - Detective Constable Fikile Skhosana Click To Tweet

What is the most fulfilling aspect of what you do?

The most fulfilling is when offenders get higher sentences. Solving cases and giving victims some type of closure is what I find most rewarding.

How can young women wanting to enter police-work mentally prepare themselves for work in such a field? How does one know that they are a good fit for this type of career?

I encourage women to consider law enforcement as a career if they are willing to put in time and hard work. They shouldn’t be discouraged and think that this is a male dominated world. They can do anything that a man can do.

I encourage women to consider law enforcement as a career if they are willing to put in time & hard work Click To Tweet

Being a police officer, do you enjoy action movies or dramas on TV and if you do, which one is your favorite and why?

I watch ID Extra channel 171 on DSTV. The shows on that channel are all about crime solving. I actually learn different tracing techniques there.

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