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Fikile Skhosana: I help victims to become survivors

Fikile Skhosana

[bctt tweet=”I became a police officer because I like challenges, protecting others, and solving problems” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Fikile Skosana is a Detective Constable and Investigator employed by the South African Police Service, under Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offense Unit. She is constantly solving critical cases related to women and child abuse and assault. Fikile […]

Lindiwe Mashinini: I work hard to ensure that I create a legacy for my girls

[bctt tweet=”Lindiwe says ‘I want African girls to know that we live in a time where everything is possible’ username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Our generation has been privileged to be brought up in an era where everything is online. I’m pretty sure the next will literally be raised by technology and that by then pens and paper will be […]

Mphela Yelane: The agriculture sector should be the highest paying employer in the continent

mphele yelane

[bctt tweet=”We don’t think just being natural is enough. Products should deliver results – Mphela Yelane” via=”no”] “To me, it shifted from the mindset of being a policy maker to becoming an individual championing the comparative local development concept. Africa trades more in agriculture, the agriculture sector should be the highest paying employer in the […]

Mandy Shemuvalula: Youth development must be the starting point of all business models

[bctt tweet=”Mandy Shemuvalula: the youth of the African continent are the most powerful demographic” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Mandy Shemuvalula is a 29-year-old Namibian who is a revolutionary at heart. After graduating in 2010 from Monash University in Malaysia with an Honors Bachelors’ degree in Business and Commerce (majoring in International Business), she knew the global business arena […]

Essie Bartels: I immerse myself wherever I am

Essie Bartels Essie Spice

[bctt tweet=” l told myself l was going to give 100% of my vision into the brand. Nothing was going to be half-baked – Essie Bartels” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Spices and sauces are what turn insipid ingredients into gourmet food. We all love food, well at least l do and there is nothing disappointing in the life […]