The five people I met at She Hive Nairobi

Friday, day two of the She Hive Nairobi boot camp was so much fun. The ladies were so much fun to be with and the sessions were just as great. Gleaming tips, asking questions, having discussions and doing a few exercises went well. Learning has never been so much fun!

I had a chance to interact with a few of the many ladies in attendance. Here, let me tell you about the five people I met at the event.


Yasmin was the facilitator of the day. She covered topics like Pitch Deck practices, prepping for investor meetings, identifying and developing customer profiles, presentation skills and strategic and analytical marketing.

She is interesting and graceful. Yasmin thinks that we are a fun group so she enjoyed facilitating the sessions. Empowering African women to grow in their business ideas and implementation causing a higher standard of life, makes it all worth it!

Jimia Yassin

I like her name, a lot. She figures it is derived from Jamii, Swahili for community/society. Jimia has enjoyed the sessions so far. Some of the lessons she took home with her as an upcoming tech-preneur was that not everybody is her customer. This she realized from an exercise done yesterday, Thursday. She discovered that she had to know who her target market is and where she would get that market from. She also learned a great deal on the different tools to use in marketing her business as well as the various tips on how she can develop her business.


Sylvia Moraa

Sylvia and I sat beside each other. Boss Lady of her tech company, the empowered beauty was a great sport (even after I spilled something on her). Sylvia came to the realization that not all social media platforms work for all the businesses so she has to find out which work for her company and implement it. Other eye opening tips were on business planning and having a system to follow up on her company’s clients. I hope she will not be afraid of sitting next to me tomorrow if she has to.

Paula Rogo

Paula Rogo is the founder of Dhako Media, a media company focusing on the millennial woman. There was no boring moment with this chatty lady. The hours may have been long for her, but she enjoyed every bit of the sessions. What hit home for her concerned branding, group participation and client feedback.

Loni Stephens

Loni is a lady with numerous business ideas which I won’t preempt today. She found the sessions very useful. “Today was awesome! There is a lot to process, but it is definitely worth the time.” She feels that the things we learnt at the seminar may have taken longer to learn if we did it on our own but now that journey has been shortened thanks to She Hive Nairobi.

There were many other great, wonderful and fierce ladies attending the She Hive Nairobi event and all are fun. We learnt so much together. It was interesting to watch light bulbs switch on as each of us come up with ways of applying this knowledge into our various ventures.

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