Janet Kibuthu’s 5 tips on setting up a solid communication firm

I met Janet Kibuthu, a solid entrepreneur in the communications space, at the recently concluded She Hive Nairobi. She has a communications and advertising background and a Master’s degree in finance. Interesting, isn’t it? I thought so too.

“A lot of people do not understand why I had to study finance, and the reason I give them is that when setting up a communications firm, financial knowledge is crucial. Without financial literacy you will be setting yourself up for a major disaster”, she posits.

She is a passionate business woman whose vision is to empower women and girls with the resources to thrive in business and life. Janet publishes one online magazine for women in business, “Lady Entrepreneur” and another for spiritual nourishment, “Truth and Spirit”. Her book, “Weight Loss for Moms”, helps women who have just had babies to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle but to also enhance their self-esteem and regain their foothold as new mothers.

Further to that, she is an entrepreneur running a communications outfit named Eclecti Communications. Eclecti communications, is a leader in design, communications, and marketing especially for the real estate and hospitality industries.

“We offer state of the art branding and communications solutions especially for commercial properties and hotels .We connect with consumers and developers especially through opportunities the digital space offers”, she adds.

The reason Eclecti communications is advancing at this niche market is that, in real estate there’s an ever-increasing demand for homes, hotel investment products and office spaces. She adds that a huge chunk of the company’s clients in the diaspora; UK, Canada and the United States. This is an area of communications and branding that Janet feels young people could capitalize on.

So how does one build such an empire?

– No fear: Janet asserts that fear is an element that never goes away and could be an impediment that will keep most people away from their destinies. Just do it.

– Surround yourself with like-minded people: Look for mentors who will see something special in you and will assist you to add value to your life.

– Financial management: Is a crucial life skill when it comes to entrepreneurship. How are you going to run a business if you can’t budget, read financial statement, or if you can’t figure out your liabilities vis a vis your assets.

With these sound tips Janet further advises that there are a lot of opportunities out there for young women, the secret is to go all out and take complete advantage of them.

– Take the risk: starting a business doesn’t have to be capital intensive but one should at least have some resources to expose the company to potential clients. Visibility is key when setting up a new company and it costs money.

– Have faith: The one person who will make or break the company is the owner. It’s simple, if you do not believe in the company, no one will.

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