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Makhosazana Ndlovu is a woman defined by her values. Her strong value system ensures that she sees through whatever decision she makes. This has helped her move forward in the media where she is slowly growing as a content creator and producer.

When she is not working at Hillbrow Radio Makhosazana also works at a NGO which gives young people skills they need to navigate their lives and careers as they grow up.

Read on to see how this young South African woman is doing her own thing and making strides in her career.

Tell us about your work as a producer. How has it contributed to your life?

My journey as a producer has been a whirlwind of emotions. But I believe that through this job I have grown a lot both as a person and as a content producer.

One of the exciting things about content production is that I get the chance to use my creative juices. And of course, my line of thought gets to be articulated by other people.

How did you start in the media world and what challenges have you faced?

I started early this year and I was motivated by my passion for journalism.

I had just finished my tertiary education and luckily there is a radio station (Hillbrow Radio) near my neighbourhood. I work at Hillbrow radio on a part time basis and I must admit that it is creating a leeway for me in media.

With my job, I am honing my skills as far as content production, news reading and presenting is concerned. I am also starting to appreciate and understand the celebrity culture more.


You’re also involved in women empowerment campaigns, why do you think women need to be empowered

First, I am involved with women empowerment campaigns because women empowerment is one of the causes that I am passionate about. I think women need to be empowered because we still live in a society where women are marginalized and objectified.

I feel like elements of socialization still play a role in how women are treated or treat themselves. Therefore, my vision is to see a society where women make their own decisions independently without influences of socialization or patriarchy.

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Tell us about the NGO you work with.

Currently, I work at an NGO that aims to develop the youth from cradle to career.

The experience has been absolutely amazing and I have learnt a lot as I have grown both professionally and in general. The feeling of helping young people makes me sleep peacefully at night and puts my heart at peace.

What do you feel most proud of?

I am proud of most of the decisions I have made in my life. I am also proud of having completed my degree in record time.

Then again, I am also proud of the #womenforwomen campaign that I put together with a colleague of mine.


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would go to China, just to see the Great Wall of China.

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What words of advice would you give other young women?

No matter what happens, stay true to yourself and stand for what you believe.

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