Meggy Pyaneeandee: Miss Ile de France 2017 was never my dream

Meggy Pyaneeandee

What has been your greatest contribution to the community before and after the pageant? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

I have not contributed much to the community other than giving French lessons to a child in my neighborhood. I’m a member of an association called Ambition et Reussite (Ambition and Success). This Association’s aim is to help young people of my city to succeed professionally. I really think that education is important and necessary. My best contribution to the community can only be education related.

I am starting my next 10 years by going back to school for my last year. Then I hope to find my way. There are so many things I would love to do. I want to work in a social enterprise but I also want to travel a lot and keep a side of the glamorous life. 10 years from now, I hope I will be building my family because ultimately, I want to be a mother married to the man of my dreams. And I can see myself being a boss mom, running some cool businesses – helping people as well.

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In what ways does a beauty contest help women and the community? Why should a young woman participate in a beauty pageant?

Beauty contests to me are an amazing opportunity to try to make a difference and with determination, one can do a lot. The relevance of beauty pageant in my community I think mostly is just a show and the opportunity to have one woman in France who will represent beauty and elegance.

The reason why a young woman should participate in a beauty pageant is really a personal decision as we all have our views and goals when it comes to these pageants. Some people just want the fame and glamour, some the opportunities it brings and others, to make a difference in their community or country. So, I do not have a reason but I think it is a unique adventure only a few can live.

It is challenging, wonderful, tough, beautiful, tiring, and enriching. There are no two girls who live the experience the same way but it makes us all happy that we did it. No matter what the outcome is, when you’re doing something that can teach you about your country, the world and yourself, you should give it a shot.

If you could partake in this year’s contest, what will you do differently and why?

I would honestly not change a single thing about my behavior. My biggest pride is that I remained myself. The only thing I would change is that I would prepare myself more for the speech this way I would be able to say it the exact way I wanted people to receive it. But then, there are things you can’t control. I was stressed out the second I got the microphone for several reasons.

Beauty contests to me are an amazing opportunity to try to make a difference - Meggy Pyaneeandee Click To Tweet

What constitutes true beauty to you?

True beauty is honesty and goodness. I find something very beautiful in being exactly who we are, natural, spontaneous and true to ourselves. Kindness is important. You always love kind people. They make you happy. They usually are happy. Happiness is something that makes you pretty, you always look better with a smile. Finally, I would add that beauty is diversity. What makes us different is what makes us beautiful which is why we must be true to ourselves.

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