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Mejero didn’t have life all figured out but she was certain of one thing, her passion. She nurtured it until she achieved her life long dream of helping businesses grow and expand.

She is the CEO of Pennee Technologies and an avid contributor to the business space.

Who is Mejero Kunu?

If I told you that I started business at the age of 8 would you believe? That’s how long I’ve been interested in business. I always enjoyed the idea of providing a service and getting a reward in return. Everything about business appeals to me. The ups and downs, the struggles, the fact that you can bring an idea to life and nurture it till it becomes something priceless and so many others.

If I wasn’t doing business, I’d probably be an astronaut but definitely not in Nigeria because it has a way of realigning your destiny and bringing out the entrepreneur in you. 

Growing up in an average home really shaped my perception of life. There were always books around and we always had something to keep us mentally engaged and stimulated. There was this room for communication and self-expression which actually helped me learn how to express my feelings better but this didn’t mean we always had our way. 

If Mejero had her way, I would’ve gone into business full time but they would not have approved. Up until university education, I always helped people with their businesses and got involved with so many business opportunities which cut across to buying and selling, helping people establish their business and the likes. So, that’s where the business part of me was born. 

What ignited the spark to start Pennee?

I’ve always wanted to do something like this for years but it didn’t come to life. In other developing and developed countries, you’d find more small and medium scale business than even large scale businesses. But in Nigeria, the reverse is the case. The sad part is, most of these businesses fail before they’re able to expand and gain grounds. So, the dedication is to help Nigerian businesses grow and expand. 

As I started in 2019, I saw my impact on people’s businesses and how I was able to help them out in very difficult situations. So the driving force was I could help people with their businesses whilst helping myself build the dream I’ve always had.

What business challenges have you faced and how have those challenges shaped your mindset?

The biggest challenge so far is people underestimating my abilities. Some people believe that you must have specific characteristics to be able to handle certain jobs and situations. 

I’ve been able to face this by repeatedly proving myself to those that matter. Making them know that although I might not have certain qualities you might be looking for, I have what it takes to pull this job through. 

Another challenge I’m currently facing is funding. Raising funds to push this has been tasking for me but I’ve been able to allow that hurdle shape my mindset. It has made me more strategic when it comes to funds and trying to achieve the best results.

I’m really passionate about PENNYTECH. I’m very positive about the next few years and I can’t wait to be a part of so many success stories. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, it’s the last thing on my mind before going to bed.

What have you learned so far from running this business?

To be very honest, I’ve learnt a whole lot of things from running this business. In the past, I could only use Canva to make average designs. Right now, I can use sophisticated applications to make cleaner designs that you’d think I was a graphics designer. Also, I’ve learnt how to work better with people. To get the best out of people isn’t an easy task. With this business, I’ve been able to learn various ways to make people want to be better at whatever they do. This is something that I cherish now.


Mejero is a participant in the High Growth Coaching Program 2020. Catch up on her business journey on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.