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Is becoming a blogger one of your goals for 2017? Have you started a blog but can’t quite get it off the ground? Interested in blogging but not quite sue what it entails, if it’s right for you or how to start? Are you already a blogger but want to connect with other bloggers and ask some of your pressing questions?

If you answered yes to any  of the above questions, then you need to join our twitter chat. You’ll get a chance to hear the stories of 4 awesome bloggers around the African continent and ask any questions you have.

Join us Thursday Dec. 22nd for a twitter chat with 4 bloggers who have been in the game for a while. Nantobeko Tshabalala is a Swazi blogger who writes about pressing topics in politics and culture. Tuke Morgan is a Nigerian blogger who writes about fashion, travel and food. Thembi Terry Zulu is a Zimbabwean blogger who blogs about her personal life and the adventures she faces daily. Cassie Daves is a Nigerian blogger who writes about fashion, blogging and her lifestyle. All of them have unique and interesting stories and insights to share.

Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats to ask your questions and participate in the discussion.

Topics that we’ll cover:

  • Is blogging right for you?
  • How to get started in blogging
  • Best tips for growing your audience
  • How to balance your blog with other life goals
  • How to use your blog to make connections

Twitter chat details

  • Date: Thursday Dec.22nd, 2016
  • Time: 1pm Lagos // 2pm Lobamba // 3pm Harare
  • Location: Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats

Help us spread the word:

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About the bloggers:


Nontobeko Tshabalala, a blogger and social media extrovert, believes good writing enhances the experience of life. She is passionate about the youth and its involvement in making worthwhile contributions to the discourse around issues such as gender disparity, Afrocentricity and firmly believes they hold the answers to how we can achieve sustainable development as a continent. Nono is a member of the AUC/IPPF young Journalist’s Network and has worked in her country, Swaziland, to sensitise other youth on using their voices to speak out more on global issues.


Adetuke Morgan is a Vivacious Nigerian Lady with a keen interest in the Arts. With a BSc in Economics from the Prestigious University of Nottingham, UK, she is paving a name for herself in the Creative World by expressing her talents through various outlets. She is an award winning , Food Photographer, Lifestyle Blogger, Saxophonist, Content Creator and Performing Artist who blogs about Style, Food, Beauty, Hair, Events & Experiences at


Thembi Terry Zulu studied Journalism and Media Studies at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). She is a personal blogger by passion and a publicist by profession. Her interests lie in women’s development, the youths in arts and the environment. Thembi contributes to several publications such as Induna Magazine, Divas Inc magazine, Kalabash Media and Kwantuthu Arts magazine amongst others. Her blog is an opinionated yet humorous take on a young woman’s journey through life, love and everything else. She has been blogging for over 3 years and aspires to go into vlogging next.


Cassie Daves is a Medical Doctor. Creative Entrepreneur, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

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