I Quit! How to write a letter of resignation


I quit! I was too good for this job anyway. Kiss my a** and don’t bother contacting me.

P.S. Just to let you know, I was the one who ate the jollof rice you kept in the fridge that time.

Let’s be honest. How many of us have imagined sending a message like the one above before heading to your favourite suya spot for a treat yourself episode? When you’re leaving one job for (hopefully) better opportunities, you may want to use the opportunity to air grievances. This may provide temporary relief but you can’t burn bridges.

Resignation letters go on file and you won’t want to come back for a reference only to be confronted with an unprofessional resignation letter.

Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a letter of resignation.

The opening

Even before sitting down to write your letter of resignation, you will need to sit down with your boss for a one-on-one session informing them of your resignation. Now, you’re ready to write your letter.

The opening of your resignation letter should be friendly but formal. It’s a fine balance to maintain but it can be done. The most important thing is to remain professional at all times. Your letter’s salutation will depend on your relationship with your boss and the level of formality in your place of work. If you’ve been calling your boss Kemi all along, there is no point in writing “Dear Ms. Ade”.  Ditto if it’s the other way round.

Motherland Mogul Tip: Don’t forget to add the date. It should be aligned left, above your boss’s name and work address.

The body

Don’t beat around the bush and don’t sugar coat anything. You should state your intention to resign clearly. This way your boss doesn’t think you’re open to being convinced to stay. It’ll be quite uncomfortable having your soon-to-be former boss throwing in a higher salary to an attempt to halt your resignation.

Crystal clarity also shows that you are confident in your decision. A simple, “Please accept this notice of my resignation from my position…” will work great. Some advice stating your reasons for leaving but this is a must-do. Give as much details as you’re comfortable with.

Motherland Mogul Tip: Don’t forget to state your last date of work. Give your employer as much time as stated in your contract. For most, it’s a month’s notice.

The conclusion

As you’re being nice and professional, you should offer with helping any transition. This will usually involve training whoever will be replacing your soon-to-be vacant position.  Be careful not to promise what you can’t deliver.  Round things up neatly, based on how much information you included above. You may want to add in more details about your departure if you’re really close to your boss. Sign out with “warmly” or “king regards” or even “sincerely”.

Motherland Mogul Tip: Don’t forget to thank your employer for the opportunity.

Finally read through your letter, over and over. You’re looking for grammatical errors and typos. There should be no trace of hostility, remember you’re not burning bridges.

Have you written a letter of resignation recently? Did you make any blunders? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below.

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