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Relax. We haven’t even gotten started yet and some of you probably read the title and already got excited about boycotting us.

Let us land please.

It’s hard enough out there in the corporate world having to balance office politics, sexism and your freaking workload not to mention those coworkers that can make life unbearable. But what if the unbearable one is actually you and you never knew it.

giphy (19)It might be time to check yourself and figure out if that sassy attitude you’re bringing is actually helping or hurting you at work. We aren’t saying that you should change your personality just for your job, but knowledge is power and if you’re not getting the results you want in your career it could be because you’re not aware of how you’re coming off. Or you could be a solid team player and just need an extra boost of confidence to keep you focused on your goals.

So which are you, the confident goal-getter ready to get her life or the insecure, envious one looking for underhanded ways to bring down her colleagues? Take our quiz and find out!

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