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One of the smartest things to do upon meeting a potential customer, client or partner is to hand over a business card. However, I’ve noticed more than 80% of the business cards I have collected over the years have one thing in common- a blank space at the back.

By handing over a business card to a potential client/customer you are handing your business name in their hands; quite literally. This is your chance to capture their attention by making use of that awkward blank space at the back of your business card, (you know they will turn it over to explore, right?) or for some that repetitive business logo that does nothing.

Think of your business card like having two billboards on the roadside whereby you opted to use only one simply because all your information could fit in there and leave the other one empty. What a waste right?

If you are not using the back of business card, you are definitely wasting one of the most effective budget friendly marketing resources at your disposal.

I have searched the web and found some examples of how creative entrepreneurs are using the back their business cards. Here are some useful and easy ideas to you get you started.

Boost your credibility

Every person, brand or company can quickly tell a story of why they are relevant by adding one of the following to the back of their business cards;

  • Customer testimonials
  • Brand promise or a statement quote
  • Career achievements, or honorary degrees
  • A short list of important media features
  • A translation of your business card will make a great first impression on your foreign clients and customers.
  • Names or logos of your major clients or customers.
  • Charities you support
  • Titles or cover photos of any books you have published.
  • The hours you are open for business
An example of a business card with a strong personal statement

2. Give a special offer

Use your business card to give your potential clients offers they can’t refuse. The important thing is to make offers depending on your business model and clarify in your wording that the offer is exclusively available to those holding your business card when they walk into your shop and not otherwise.

Such offers can be:

  • Free consultation offers for client attraction
  • Offering discounts for your client first purchase or first project together
  • “Buy one get one free” deal to incentivize customers to purchase
  • Offer a free recipe or great tip relating to one of your products.
An example of a business card with a special offer

3. Add a QR CODE to your paper business card

Another great option is to print a QR code on the back of your card to generate leads for your business. A variety of QR code scanners are available as smartphone applications and when a client scans a code, it will bring up anything you choose to link to such as your website, links to social media profiles, email subscriptions page, adding to their phonebook etc.

You can learn how to make your personal QR code online very easily. Important to make sure you have a call to action on your business card. Don’t just print the QR code, write something with it; for example, “Scan this QR code to know more about me”.

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4. Showcase your skills and services

You can also use the back of business cards to show a short description of what you do/who you do it for. You could opt for one of the following:

  • If you are a restaurant, you could put a small menu with a best selling dish especially for takeout customers.
  • Titles of courses and the number of people you have trained in your career are great for teachers.
  • Public speakers can include the titles of their talks.
  • A before/after photo can be very persuasive for professional services providers such as fitness coaches, event decorators, and furniture repair or restoration services.
  • If you are an artist, you can add one of your favorite artworks.
  • Price menu including prices of your best services or products.
Example of the back of spa business card showing the prices of treatments and spa location.

5. Choose a meaningful background

There might be times you don’t want to add any text on the back of your business card. Instead of selecting a coloured background, which is no better than a blank white space even if they are pretty to look at, how about adding an icon, a symbol or a photo that describes your brand? This particular style can work great for creative professionals in the visual arts, such as architects, photographers, graphic designers and many others.

An example of a makeup artist business card with an eye catching background

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There are limitless possibilities for the back of your business card to add additional information beyond the basic and showcasing your unique personality and brand. Whatever you decide to add to the back of your card, make it something valuable and favorable to your customers or prospects.

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