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How To Launch & Get Paid for Your Freelance Writing Career

Anyone can be a freelance writer. You don’t need any experience or degree. So, you want to dive into freelance writing? I get a lot of emails and DMs (on Instagram) from people asking me how to successfully start a career in freelance writing. With the fact that there are tons of wrong advice out […]


Hello, millennials! You’ve probably received advice on how you can “build a more successful career” from a handful of people. However, very few people give a break down of how you can advance yourself, or what to do when you face a challenge, like when your boss is not paying you what you’re worth – sounds […]


For as long as we’ve known, politics has been viewed as ‘a big boys thing’ and not for women. Well, guess what world? It’s time to take a step back because ladies wanna play too! From leading political organisations to being at the centre of political movements across the continent, women are increasingly taking charge of […]

Starting A PR Career And Finding The Right Fit

Graduating with a degree in Communications or Public Relations (PR) will indeed feel like a great accomplishment when you have your degree in hand. Many students, graduates or young professionals will agree that when it comes to a PR career, it really can be a tug of war scenario where you get pulled in different directions, […]

6 tips for successful networking in the big city

[bctt tweet=”The question now is, What are you doing to increase the size of your network?” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] You have probably heard the saying that “your network is your net worth”. In this article’s context, net worth is not limited to finances alone but includes knowledge, skills, and access to opportunities as a result of your […]

How to land a legal job: The dream cover letter for the future attorney

[bctt tweet=”Don’t expect anything if you don’t work for it” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It seems obvious but a lot of the time we wish for things and then wait around for them to happen to us. This as opposed to grabbing opportunities and making things happen for ourselves. Particularly when it comes to seeking employment in the […]

Revolutionise your business cards with these 6 easy-peasy tips

[bctt tweet=”By handing over a business card you are literally handing your business name in their hands” via=”no”] One of the smartest things to do upon meeting a potential customer, client or partner is to hand over a business card. However, I’ve noticed more than 80% of the business cards I have collected over the […]

Writing cover letters for jobs in media or communications

[bctt tweet=”Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about what you can do for them” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] The media industry is a very cutthroat place driven by extreme timelines and deadlines. That being said, most media professionals will not have time to read through pages of a cover letter explaining every single job you have ever had […]