Future prospects

Sharon acknowledges that she is privileged in many ways. For one, her family has been willing and able to support her in her journey. Her father, a journalist himself, gave her a lot of advice when she was starting off, especially when it came to decisions about building her brand.

Being based in Kenya allowed her to have a greater impact than she would have had she been blogging from outside the continent. Finally, she has had the freedom to pursue her creative endeavours while young and before starting a family of her own.

In the long run, Sharon hopes to expand This is Ess into a full-fledged lifestyle and media outfit that brings together creators from across Africa. She also hopes to launch a line of fashion and beauty products in her name. In the meantime she plans on blogging more regularly, and growing her brand and following.

Sharon Mundia - This Is Ess
On a personal level, she would love to have a fulfilled existence. “I have always yearned for a great life,” said Sharon who commits to doing everything with passion. “I want a fantastic, mindblowing life, to travel with my friends, to see this world in ways I have not seen it yet… a happy family and to be financially secure.”

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