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The first day of She Hive Nairobi featured attendees from diverse fields. The room oozed with entrepreneurship, passion and beauty with brains, left, right and centre. The attendees are frontiers in print and digital marketing, media, cosmetics, fashion, freelance journalism, and writing. This coterie of African trendsetters have titles going from start-up magnates to Motherland Moguls, leaders to marketers, directors and CEOs to media strategists and professional consultants.

One thing for sure is that these ladies are high-fliers. By attending the She Hive Nairobi they have already hoisted their sails for the entrepreneurship voyage. The beauty, charm, courage and confidence are something to be awed at. This is the event this side of Sahara that you never want to miss.

Here is what some young women are saying about SheHive

Sylvia Moraa, CEO and founder Tech Hub Creations

What I do: I am graphic designer, branding and a print consultant.

The session was great. Yasmin is a resourceful, motivating and an engaging person. My key take away from the session was the emphasis on tracking marketing contacts and how to define entry points for my business. As a marketer, I have attended many trainings and I felt that the session was a validation of what I have learned and drives business in my line of work.

Phelena Jean, Founder of MADAM Indigo

What I do: I provide luxury hair extensions for women of distinction.

The most important lesson, I gained in this session was the necessity of keeping spreadsheets of integral contacts in my industry.

Leilah Namisango

What I do: Digital marketing executive/Head of content, Kidz Culture/Ramsa Ltd

I am glad that this session tackled many things that I was eager to learn. The content delivery was okay and I loved the personalized interactions from the SLA co-founder. I felt that issues that touched on market research insights, customer profiles and business development were handled effectively by Yasmin.


Loni Carol, Semgalawe

What I do: Entrepreneur and founder of ILadu. I am in the development stages of setting up my business.

I learnt a lot in this interactive session and what stood out the most was importance of customer research and Google creeping to my business.

Ruth Nkirote, Director Tina LTD

What I do: I am a marketer.

She Hive Nairobi boot camp was a lively discussion full of gems. I got to learn more on my customers, what their problems are and how I can provide solutions for them. I now understand the importance of having to write down my business contacts and ideas. Lastly, Yasmin highlighted on how grow my business through my community and I can set value to my customers. Overall, She Hive addressed what my business needed to move forward.


The key points I’m taking away are to learn to get feedback from customers,  the importance of being creative on how you market and getting out value set

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