Must Watch Television Shows On Your Radar

You consider yourself an empowered and independent woman, yes? But what media are you consuming?

Series can be argued to be more effective than movies. Given the generally shorter length of time and ability to watch more often and more accessible.

This is your guide to a few television series that you need to make time for as soon as possible.

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Chewing Gum


If you haven’t heard of Michaela Cole prior to reading this, you’re welcome. Your life is about to become dramatically more colorful and interesting.


This show will have you laughing out loud, no doubt. It isn’t exactly new, as the second season was released in 2017. The third season is expected to go into production later this year so you have to catch up before that airs!

This female-centric show follows Michaela Cole as the lead in her daily life with her religious mother and sister and her job as a check out girl. Things get interesting when she decides she is serious about losing her virginity and loosening those religious reins.

Cole deals with sex and friendship in a relatable and humorous way. I found that as season one progressed, it just got better and richer as the characters developed.

Cole’s sister on the show, Susie Wokoma, is an absolute treat in the second season. I won’t delve into too much detail about the specifics of her character development but it is so wonderfully worthwhile to watch.

Mood? If you need a pick-me-up and want to laugh almost non-stop, then this is it.

Mood? If you need a pick-me-up and want to laugh almost non-stop, then watch this TV series Click To Tweet

Good Girls


Netflix can be quite lovely with the recommendations based on previous shows you have watched. This is how I was lucky enough to find this. I managed to finish the first season consisting of 10 episodes in 2 days because I was that blown away.

The show is centered on 3 mothers – Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, Retta of Parks and Recreation (I love her!) and Mae Whitman of Parenthood.  It introduces their characters as hardworking but struggling to support their families financially given their minimum wage jobs.

As viewers, you understand quickly that they’re in trouble and something desperate is about to happen as their respective expenses start to skyrocket.

What I loved about the show was how it managed to successfully combine humor and drama so effortlessly. You connect with these women immediately and emphasize with them.

Image result for good girls gif

They are presented as strong and willing to do anything for their families. Their growth throughout the episodes is brilliant to witness as they take control of their situations while supporting and uplifting each other through tough circumstances.

Mood? A darker comedy and more dramatic, to be watched when you are feeling a bit broody.



This breaks the trend of the female-centered shows I’ve recommended thus far, but it is worthy of inclusion in the list. This content covers – relationships, dating, and gender roles.

What makes it interesting is that each episode follows different characters and issues, there will be some links between characters across episodes but the show isn’t continuous. So each episode almost feels like a mini-movie which is highly satisfying.

Image result for easy tv series

Topics covered in the first season (there are two seasons out) include a stay at home dad and a working mom and the impact of this change in the stereotypical gender roles on their sex lives (at a dinner party that they attend it is discussed that couples who follow the stereotypical gender roles have more sex).

The issues are current and the episodes unfold in a manner that makes you think about your own opinion and wants to discuss it.

Related image

Mood? Watch with a company so you can evaluate your opinions together.

Also, some famous bodies pop up – you can’t drool over Orlando Bloom as a personal trainer alone.

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7 steps to Managing Your Finances while on campus

So you get your school allowance or money from your side hustle and you’re ecstatic! Next thing you know, you’re flat broke and now all you are left with is the billion-dollar question…

How did this happen?

Managing your personal finances while on campus can be hard, but we have a few tips below to help you survive sis!

1. Create a Budget

A budget is simply a statement showing how you plan to spend your income. Creating a budget starts with being realistic. This means that you are realistic about how much money you currently receive/earn and how much you spend or hope to spend.

The word budget can come off as scary and intimidating to most of us and where does one even begin?? Please keep in mind, a budget is super important to have to maintain financial stability while in school.

Let’s be honest. No matter how much money you have, it will never be enough to cover every single thing you need to buy. So budgeting is one key way to ensuring that you spend your money on the things that truly matter to you.

Document everything you spend your money on, from mobile data to hair supplies to that take-out from last weekend to groceries, clothes, and stationery, all while being realistic with your current income.

This helps you take charge of what exactly you want to spend and sticking to it helps reduce impulse spending on things that you don’t really value.

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2. Save, Save, Save!!!

Your allowance might be small, but truth be told, if you can’t save when you earn N20,000, it will probably be difficult for you to save when you earn N20,000,000. This is because your expenses and tastes will inevitably rise in response to your new income. In light of this, the best time to start saving is now!

My favorite tip to share for saving is to open a savings account and DO NOT get an ATM Card or Mobile/Internet Banking for it, you’ll thank me later.

Transfer a certain percentage of all the income you get, (including the money you lobby out of relatives, yes, even that) into that account. This makes it difficult to access the money at will.

Another option is to use a piggy bank. A lot of small businesses make and sell beautifully designed ones to order. Put some money into the box and only open it for emergencies or to invest.

Finally, you don’t have to attend every brunch, every party or buy every dress on sale, I promise you won’t die if you don’t do all the social activities in one month. Always stick to your budget.

3. Budget money for the fun things too

Include an amount of money for the fun things you love to do and buy. If something extra comes up that is not in the budget, politely decline and if necessary you can include it in your budget for the next month.

Spread out these kinds of purchases over different months. For instance, you could buy that dress this month, go for the Wizkid concert next month (or when we’ll be allowed outside again, stay safe!) and buy those new shoes a month later.

4. Take advantage of Student discounts

Don’t be embarrassed to use your Student ID to get the student discount on a movie, event or even products. Look out for these discounts and coupons and make the best of them.

However, with everything else in life, moderation is key. Don’t splurge on everything simply because the word “SALE” is attached to it.

5. Get a Side Hustle

Can you make wigs, create content, draw, do makeup, code, etc? Then get a side hustle – sharpen your skills and monetize them.

Spread the word about these skills and confidently charge money for them. This will serve as an extra source of income for you.

6. Flee Debt!

You’re too young and too cute to be in debt sis. Try not to borrow, especially if it is not urgent. Live within your means always.

Not only do unpaid debts make your relationships sour, it also reduces the amount of money you have to spend on yourself when you receive your next income, making you run out of money early and pulling you back into debt. See, it’s a vicious cycle.

If you must borrow – please try to pay back as soon as possible. Don’t hide from your debtors – be transparent, this ensures that if you ever need to borrow again, you are creditworthy enough for friends to comfortably lend you money.

Whatever you do, run away from debt!

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7. Already up to your neck in debts?

Don’t worry – create a space in your budget for the repayment of these debts. Split them up into manageable bits, create a plan to repay, and discuss this plan with your debtors. Back up your words with action and ensure that you pay back as planned.

I wish you the absolute best as you SLAY your financial goals!

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Nnedi Okorafor: All hail Black Panther

All hail Black Panther!

For weeks on end, Africa has been celebrated across continents. There has been a glorious showcase of its beauty, wealth, culture, resilience and diversity, on screen. 

From both young people and the people, many around the world have come out to embrace the African heritage. The Wakanda fever has seen people dressing in African fabric, rocking natural and bald hairstyles, and chanting Xhosa battle cries. 

But, beyond the outstanding representation of African culture, the Black Panther production also featured award-winning actors of African descent such as Kenya’s Lupita Nyong’o, Zimbabwe’s Danai Gurira, and Uganda’s Daniel Kaluuya. 

Currently, Nigerian-American writer Nnedi Okorafor is writing the ‘Black Panther: Long Live the King’ comic book. Using her unique brand of storytelling, Nnedi hopes to inspire others to re-create the African narrative. 

With a worldwide box office record or $897 million according to Forbes Magazine, Black Panther has had a phenomenal influence on the world. Originally a comic book, this story has changed the narrative of black characters in comic books and in the media. And instead of the typical American superman, we are now seeing an African, black, superhero!

But this is not it! Other than T’Challa’s superhero skills, we see women who do more justice to #girlpower than Wonder Woman or Cat Woman ever would. Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), Okoye (Danai Gurira), Ramonda (Angela Basset) and Shuri (Letitia Wright), showcase the strength and power of women who slay!

Writing about women who slay is something that Nnedi is familiar with. Her award-winning Afrofuturistic novels combine culture and science to break the limits and the usual narrative of girls can do.

This passion is what led her to bring her unique brand of storytelling to Wakanda land. As the latest writer for this Marvel comic series, Nnedi seeks to remind us that our stories as Africans, as women and as superheroes, need to be heard.

Nnedi Okorafor


In changing the African narrative, we help the world recognize that Africa can create solutions towards the world’s development. But more importantly, we showcase the depth and diversity of the African people and their heritage.

Finally, through her contribution to Black Panther, Nnedi hopes to challenge people to rearrange their thinking. It is possible to create a new Africa. By telling these stories of Africa’s great future and her present achievements, we will create this new world that others have no option but to believe in!

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You lead Africa: Becoming a global leader from your community

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Being a global leader is not all about working in the United Nations or travelling the world over to proffer global solutions to all the world’s problems (although that also counts).

Real global leaders are those that recognize the impact of their actions on their communities; that is why many #MotherlandMoguls and #BossLadies are beginning to lead Africa from their doorsteps.


Whether it’s business, philanthropy, social activism, entertainment, technological innovation etc, you can begin to make global impact by taking active roles and actions in your community (aka your society, aka your neighbourhood, aka your district, aka your area, aka – you get the gist) because that’s where real change happens.

So without further ado, here are a number of ways you could start leading Africa from where you are;

1. Practice core leadership values

Whether its through integrity or service, practice core values in your career and in relation to your community. These values support your personal leadership skills and help you in deciding what you what to be known for as a leader.


2. Be a global citizen

Be involved in your community in practical ways, this could be through volunteering amongst others. Asides from boosting your resume, you’ll be creating real global impact from your community.

Volunteering doesn’t always have to be abroad (although that is fun when you have Oprah money and all), you first have to think about how you can help your own community thrive.


3. Networking

Someone smart has said this before. Your network has an impact in your leadership success. Effective networking gives you access to information, valuable resources, referrals, knowledge, mentoring and a vast number of skills that would be helpful in advancing your community.

Whether it’s professional or personal, networking provides you the opportunity to meet diverse people. There is always something you can learn from other #MotherlandMoguls around the world to sharpen your leadership edge.

4. Seize the day

Find out about programmes, summer camps, and platforms that help you build your global leadership self.


A number of them might include leadership camps, bridge programmes or professional boot camps. There are a host of activities that would help you along the path of taking effective actions and decisions in your community.

5. Be an entrepreneur

If you are not solving a problem in your community, then you are the problem.


It’s either Beyoncé or someone else. Every community has challenges and you should be doing something to bring about a solution to a challenge in your community.

Think about what you can start doing to solve a problem you see in the society, that’s the power of your #BlackGirlMagic.

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6. Develop yourself

With the vast array of online classes/courses the internet provides, self-development is just a click away. Develop your brand, research, read, read, and read (not just Harlequin), finesse your leadership ability. Know that girls can be pretty and smart.


7. Have a global mindset

Enhance your communication and interpersonal skills. Global leadership requires an understanding of various diverse views and perspectives. This can be gained from travelling abroad or reading widely.


Stay abreast of international happenings around the world. This makes you very knowledgeable about other communities. It could also provide necessary information and policy which would help you in achieving your own set goals for your community.

8. Join She Leads Africa


Besides being extraordinario, SLA would help you get to the next level of your career and finesse your global leadership mindset.

From inspiring articles to amazing events to the Accelerator programme, SLA is becoming the number one destination for smart young and ambitious global women and you could become a part of our community.


Start acting today and be at the forefront of rising global leaders, who says girls can’t have it all?