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Being a global leader is not all about working in the United Nations or travelling the world over to proffer global solutions to all the world’s problems (although that also counts).

Real global leaders are those that recognize the impact of their actions on their communities; that is why many #MotherlandMoguls and #BossLadies are beginning to lead Africa from their doorsteps.


Whether it’s business, philanthropy, social activism, entertainment, technological innovation etc, you can begin to make global impact by taking active roles and actions in your community (aka your society, aka your neighbourhood, aka your district, aka your area, aka – you get the gist) because that’s where real change happens.

So without further ado, here are a number of ways you could start leading Africa from where you are;

1. Practice core leadership values

Whether its through integrity or service, practice core values in your career and in relation to your community. These values support your personal leadership skills and help you in deciding what you what to be known for as a leader.


2. Be a global citizen

Be involved in your community in practical ways, this could be through volunteering amongst others. Asides from boosting your resume, you’ll be creating real global impact from your community.

Volunteering doesn’t always have to be abroad (although that is fun when you have Oprah money and all), you first have to think about how you can help your own community thrive.


3. Networking

Someone smart has said this before. Your network has an impact in your leadership success. Effective networking gives you access to information, valuable resources, referrals, knowledge, mentoring and a vast number of skills that would be helpful in advancing your community.

Whether it’s professional or personal, networking provides you the opportunity to meet diverse people. There is always something you can learn from other #MotherlandMoguls around the world to sharpen your leadership edge.

4. Seize the day

Find out about programmes, summer camps, and platforms that help you build your global leadership self.


A number of them might include leadership camps, bridge programmes or professional boot camps. There are a host of activities that would help you along the path of taking effective actions and decisions in your community.

5. Be an entrepreneur

If you are not solving a problem in your community, then you are the problem.


It’s either Beyoncé or someone else. Every community has challenges and you should be doing something to bring about a solution to a challenge in your community.

Think about what you can start doing to solve a problem you see in the society, that’s the power of your #BlackGirlMagic.

[bctt tweet=”If you are not solving a problem in your community, then you are the problem” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”]

6. Develop yourself

With the vast array of online classes/courses the internet provides, self-development is just a click away. Develop your brand, research, read, read, and read (not just Harlequin), finesse your leadership ability. Know that girls can be pretty and smart.


7. Have a global mindset

Enhance your communication and interpersonal skills. Global leadership requires an understanding of various diverse views and perspectives. This can be gained from travelling abroad or reading widely.


Stay abreast of international happenings around the world. This makes you very knowledgeable about other communities. It could also provide necessary information and policy which would help you in achieving your own set goals for your community.

8. Join She Leads Africa


Besides being extraordinario, SLA would help you get to the next level of your career and finesse your global leadership mindset.

From inspiring articles to amazing events to the Accelerator programme, SLA is becoming the number one destination for smart young and ambitious global women and you could become a part of our community.


Start acting today and be at the forefront of rising global leaders, who says girls can’t have it all?

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