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Tight Money: The Cash Flow Guide

First goal in the quest to being a #MoneyMakingMogul? Master your cash flow. How you handle your cash flow could make or break your business. But if you aren’t sure exactly what “cash flow” means, this guide is where to get started. Before we reached out to the financial whizzes at Standard Chartered Bank Kenya […]

Show Me The Money: The Cash Flow Guide

Balance and position…your cash flow of course 😉 Now you know what the cash flow is and understand the intricacies of the whole process, so what next? Strategies to manage it of course. In this guide brought to you by Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, we’ll reveal strategies for managing your cash flow. After reading this […]

A stitch in time: The importance of timing in managing business cash flow

[bctt tweet=”#MotherlandMoguls be aware that poor cash flow management could ruin your business” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] A stitch in time saves nine…whoever said that was right. The saying is a warning against procrastination. Putting off doing important stuff until it is more convenient is never a great strategy in personal life and especially in business. When it […]

Cash is King, don’t ever ignore it

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[bctt tweet=”A #MotherlandMogul who underestimates the power of money sets herself up for failure” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Phones are ringing, orders are streaming in and your sales department is a beehive of activities. Your business is doing well, the mood is ecstatic. The store person walks to you and breaks unpleasant news, stocks are exhausted. You quickly […]