Tight Money: The Cash Flow Guide

First goal in the quest to being a #MoneyMakingMogul? Master your cash flow.

How you handle your cash flow could make or break your business. But if you aren’t sure exactly what “cash flow” means, this guide is where to get started. Before we reached out to the financial whizzes at Standard Chartered Bank Kenya and they broke it down for us, we didn’t know what business cash flow was either.

Get you this guide to understand the importance of mastering your business’s cash flow.

Topics this guide will cover:

  • What is cash flow?
  • What are the stages of the cash flow cycle?
  • What do you do if you can’t pay all your creditors on time?

Can we get an amen on the last point though? Better get your hands on this guide before your creditors go all Rihanna circa BBHMM on you and your business.


This guide will get you started on managing your cash flow. Once you’re done with it, check out the next guide in the series for a downloadable cash flow analysis sheet. Don’t forget to read up on when to time your cash flow!

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