Facebook Live with FBNQUEST TRUSTEES: 5 reasons why you need an Estate Plan (Mar 28)

We’ve thought you what you need to do now, to reach your money goals and as the true MotherlandMogul that you are, we know you’ve listened.

Now its time to up your game!

Ever heard of an estate plan? No, we’re not talking about the estate you live in and its architectural structure. We’re talking about managing and continuous planning for assets you acquire in your lifetime.

Who says you’re too young to have an estate plan?

SLA in partnership with  FBNQuest Trustees is hosting a Facebook Live with certified Estate Practitioner – Mofoluke Keshinro, on Friday, March 23rd, 2018.

Mofoluke will be teaching you everything you need to know about estate plans, and why you need to have an estate plan now.

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Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Why have an estate plan?/ Introduction to Estate Planning.
  • 5 things an estate plan will do for you
  • Benefits of a Living Trust
  • Why appoint an Institution as Trustee
  • Education Trust Planning 101

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, March 28th
  • Time: 1pm Lagos

Watch the Facebook Live here:

She Leads Africa Facebook Live with FBNQuest Trustees: 5 reasons why you need an estate plan. Join the She Leads Africa community by visiting SheLeadsAfrica.org/join

Posted by She Leads Africa on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

 About Mofoluke

Mofoluke Keshinro is the Head of Private Trust at FBNQuest Trustees Limited and is one of only two certified Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP) in Nigeria.

Her experience includes roles at Liberation Partners, Wema Trustees Limited, and Great Nigeria Insurance Plc.

She is a full and certified Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and has attended STEP seminars/conferences in Johannesburg, Dubai, New York and Singapore.

FBNQuest Trustees is part of FBN Holdings Plc, one of the strongest and most dependable financial groups in Africa.

They assess your needs and provide tailored solutions for the safekeeping of assets. From estate planning to government bond issuance,  FBNQuest Trustees holds a solid market position as a leading trustee services provider.

Facebook Live with Jamila Lawal: Starting a talk show to tackle social issues (July 26).

When it comes to tackling social and economic issues, starting a talk show and getting your voice on air could be the way to go.

Did we hear you say talk shows are only for people in the media?

 It doesn’t matter what your career is, or your major source of income, if you know how to use social media to your advantage, then you can also start your own talk show or TV series.

Join us for a Facebook Live on Wednesday, July, 26th, with Jamila Lawal, a nutritionist, culinary expert, and the producer and host of the TV series, Mila’s Diaries. She’ll be sharing with us how talk shows are so not outdated, and what it takes to start your own talk show.

Jamila started her talk show, Mila’s Diaries to be of service to the economically disadvantaged and address issues affecting northern Nigeria such as divorce, child abandonment, early marriage, education etc.

She also uses this medium to showcase success stories of the people within the region.

Jamila Lawal wants to teach you how to start your own talk show. Facebook Live( July 26) Click To Tweet

Register below for this session and ask Jamila any questions you might have on this topic.

Some of the topics we’ll cover

  • Why TV and talk shows are not yet outdated
  • Best approaches to addressing social and economic problems
  • What it takes to start a talk show
  • Tackling the issue of divorce in Nigeria

Facebook Live Details:

Date: Wednesday, July 26th

Time: Lagos 5pm // Joburg 6pm // Nairobi 7pm

Where: facebook.com/sheleadsafrica/

Watch here:

"She Leads Africa Facebook Live with Jamila Lawal (Nutritionist and Talkshow host): Starting a talk show to impact your community. Join the She Leads Africa community by visiting Sheleadsafrica.org/join

Posted by She Leads Africa on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

About Jamila

Jamila Lawal is a qualified Biochemist with advanced degrees in nutrition. She was recently on the Maggi Ramadan campaign trail offering nutrition advice to women in different communities.

She advocates living a balanced and healthy lifestyle in fun and exciting ways without compromising the enjoyment and quality of meals, culture, and most of all your relationship with God.

Jamila considers herself progressively multi-lingual with current fluency in English, French, Arabic, Ebira, Hausa and with a more than average understanding of Yoruba.

Her TV Show, “Mila’s Diaries” debuted recently and it encapsulates all her interests and the values that she holds dear to heart.

Jamila loves music and flowers. When she isn’t trying out new recipes, you can catch her baking cupcakes with her 6-year-old son.

Facebook Live with Frenny Jowi: Journalism as a profitable career choice(July 6)

For 4 years, Frenny had a successful career at one of the world’s leading international broadcasters, the BBC. Join us for a Facebook Live session with her on July. 6th, as she shares with us how journalism has been a profitable career for her.

Journalism as a sector is evolving, and there are plenty of job opportunities in the field. However, Aspiring journalists have to build their experience and gather certain skill sets to thrive in the industry.

If you’re interested in starting (or growing) a career as a media Motherland Mogul, then you have a lot to learn from Frenny Jowi.

Frenny started her career in journalism as an intern at the BBC African Bureau in Nairobi and quickly scaled through her career as a journalist, amplifying African voices and stories.

Join Frenny on Thursday, July 6th, for a 30-minute Facebook Live session where she’ll be discussing journalism as a profitable career choice, and the skills aspiring journalists need to acquire.

Register for this Facebook Live below and ask Frenny all your pressing questions.

Facebook Live with Frenny Jowi: Journalism as a profitable career choice(July 6) Click To Tweet

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to make it as a journalist
  • Media career choices for young people in Africa 
  • Moving from employment to entrepreneurship
  • Personal PR: Social media etiquette and how it impacts your professionalism
  • Why young Africans should demand quality content from media outlets(African advocates of public interest journalism)

Facebook Live Details:

  • Date: Thursday, July 6th, 2017
  • Time: 2pm Lagos / 3pm Johannesburg / 4pm Nairobi
  • Where: https://www.facebook.com/sheleadsafrica/

Watch here:

Facebook Live with Frenny Jowi, Journalist and Media consultant, sharing insights on the skills aspiring journalists need to acquire to thrive in the industry.. Join the She Leads Africa community by visiting SheLeadsAfrica.org/join .

Posted by She Leads Africa on Thursday, July 6, 2017

 About Frenny Jowi

Frenny Jowi is a journalist, digital media and PR consultant who is currently consulting at Media Focus on Africa, as a radio producer, media relations trainer and digital journalism trainer. She also works as a volunteer youth mentor and freelance journalist.

For 4 years Frenny had a successful career at one of the world’s leading international broadcasters, the BBC.

While working for BBC Africa both in Kenya and the United Kingdom, she led several productions including creating digital content for younger audiences and news coverage of historic President Obama visit to Africa.

In June 2016, she took one of the lead roles in setting up Kenya’s first 24-hour news channel, KTN News.  Her work helped direct the day to day running of the newsroom and training journalists on storytelling and social media skills.

She has a BA in media studies from the University of Nairobi.