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When it comes to tackling social and economic issues, starting a talk show and getting your voice on air could be the way to go.

Did we hear you say talk shows are only for people in the media?

 It doesn’t matter what your career is, or your major source of income, if you know how to use social media to your advantage, then you can also start your own talk show or TV series.

Join us for a Facebook Live on Wednesday, July, 26th, with Jamila Lawal, a nutritionist, culinary expert, and the producer and host of the TV series, Mila’s Diaries. She’ll be sharing with us how talk shows are so not outdated, and what it takes to start your own talk show.

Jamila started her talk show, Mila’s Diaries to be of service to the economically disadvantaged and address issues affecting northern Nigeria such as divorce, child abandonment, early marriage, education etc.

She also uses this medium to showcase success stories of the people within the region.

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Register below for this session and ask Jamila any questions you might have on this topic.

Some of the topics we’ll cover

  • Why TV and talk shows are not yet outdated
  • Best approaches to addressing social and economic problems
  • What it takes to start a talk show
  • Tackling the issue of divorce in Nigeria

Facebook Live Details:

Date: Wednesday, July 26th

Time: Lagos 5pm // Joburg 6pm // Nairobi 7pm


Watch here:

About Jamila

Jamila Lawal is a qualified Biochemist with advanced degrees in nutrition. She was recently on the Maggi Ramadan campaign trail offering nutrition advice to women in different communities.

She advocates living a balanced and healthy lifestyle in fun and exciting ways without compromising the enjoyment and quality of meals, culture, and most of all your relationship with God.

Jamila considers herself progressively multi-lingual with current fluency in English, French, Arabic, Ebira, Hausa and with a more than average understanding of Yoruba.

Her TV Show, “Mila’s Diaries” debuted recently and it encapsulates all her interests and the values that she holds dear to heart.

Jamila loves music and flowers. When she isn’t trying out new recipes, you can catch her baking cupcakes with her 6-year-old son.

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