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Entrepreneurs…Take care of your mental health: Here’s why

I remember the first time I met him at a friend’s house. He was incredibly smart, charismatic and passionate—all the things I believed it took to own a successful business. As the night when on, I realized my original assumption was correct. I pulled out my phone and did a quick search of the guy […]

You’ve got 6 More Months To Slay and Conquer this year

January through June have come and gone. Yes, these past months may have come with lots of setbacks, perhaps in achieving our personal goals and dreams or in advancing in the corporate world. It may have been six months of moving in circles. Six months of going below both personal and general standards. Six months […]

How to survive The Big F word — Failure

The moment you hit rock bottom is not a very unique experience. Although the actions were taken after the realization vastly differs from one person to another. For me, it was while watching a very romantic movie, the kind of movie where the guy races through traffic to get to the airport so he can […]

Chidiogo Akunyili: Be Kind to Yourself for Not Being Superwoman

Chidiogo Akunyili is a woman of many trades. She is the Founder of She ROARs – Reimagining Our Africa Rising. This pan-African platform seeks to empower women across Africa to unleash their full potential.  As a writer, storyteller and movement builder, Chidiogo is impacting the global narrative with her belief in the power of people affecting […]

Edirin Edewor: When failure gives you wings, fly higher

Edirin Edewor is a two-time Amazon Bestselling Author, a Mindset and Author’s Coach, and an Entrepreneur. She works with three types of entrepreneurs to help them publish their books and establish their brands.  Through Edirin’s Process Publishing System, entrepreneurs are helped to write their books with ease in record time get published on Amazon and become […]

Refilwe Mochoari: I never lost focus regardless of all the struggles I faced

[bctt tweet=”Failure is not the end. @RefilweMochoari dusted herself up and tried again with her business ventures. ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] My name is Refilwe Mochoari. I am a journalist and an entrepreneur from Bloemfontein, South Africa. I am the owner of Bo-Esi Media which publishes Contagious magazine, a corporate lifestyle magazine in Bloemfontein focusing on business, […]

Escaping the comfort zone

comfort zone

The comfort zone is a terrible thing. I’ve probably made this statement and tweeted it at least 20 times in the past month. This article is as much for myself as it is for many of you out there. The comfort zone is this wonderful place where you can sit pretty and be comfortable. In […]

Against all odds (bouncing back after a failed business)

bounce back

I recently experienced a failed business and it would have been devastating if not for my support team. The good thing about failure for a positive minded person (which should be the mind set of an entrepreneur) is the ability to use the experience as a learning process. When a business venture fails there are […]

5 R’S to recovering from a career setback

Have you recently experienced a career setback? You are in good company. I sincerely believe setbacks are proof that you are alive and working at achieving your goals. Think about it, if you had no goals, no end in sight, how could you suffer a setback? Everyone has suffered a setback(s) at some point in […]

Are invisible scripts ruling your life?

Scripts are stories that are created from the perceptions of people we interact with on a daily basis. They range from our families, teachers and colleagues to the general community we live in. Scripts can also be developed through our experiences and culture. If you grew up in a community where finishing school was unheard […]