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Yvonne Amankwah: There is less consideration for Special people in recruitment

[bctt tweet=”A lot of organizations in Ghana prefer to work with able-bodied individuals” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Yvonne Amankwah is a young leader passionate about her contributions to societal issues and education for the less privileged. What struck SLA contributor Ugochi Obidiegwu most about her business is the fact that Yvonne made a conscious decision to involve people […]

Ethel Cofie: Share your knowledge, inspire others

Ethel Cofie

[bctt tweet=” I have always loved the idea that technology can allow you to create – Ethel Cofie” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] When Ethel was 18 years old her father sent her to computer diploma class, so she would keep busy. There, one of the lecturers made a life-changing statement to Ethel, “the computer is dumb and the […]

Emefa Quashie: From beauty queen to farmer and social entrepreneur

emefa quashie

[bctt tweet=”Mamagah Farms is an agricultural social project run by beauty queen Emefa Quashie” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It’s not every day that you hear the story of a beauty queen owning a farm. But the story gets bewildering when you notice that instead of just employing people to work on the farm (like some “modern” farmers do) […]

‘57 Chocolate: How to start a chocolate company on a budget in the Motherland

[bctt tweet=”The Addison sisters saw the need for a Ghanaian chocolate company before launching ’57 Chocolate” username=”no”] As the saying goes “an entrepreneur is someone who identifies a need in a market and finds a way to fill it”. This is what Priscilla and Kimberly Addison did when they realized that though Ghana is the […]

Growing and marketing your brand via social media – The tale of 5 #MotherlandMoguls

[bctt tweet=”When used right, digital media can be harnessed to make a direct impact in the society” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It is not often that one catches five aspiring women in the same spot. Well, maybe it’s often, but what are the chances of finding them engaged in a fashion project to raise awareness and funds for […]

Aisha Akiti: Your hard work can put you anywhere in the world

[bctt tweet=”The best way you can predict your future is to create it – Aisha Akiti” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Meet Aisha Akiti, CEO of  Missashleybakes and Eventbyashley, a baking and events planning company. This business was founded a year ago after graduating from her degree. Being a mother of two kids there was no luck finding a […]

How Joselyn Dumas inspires you to achieve your career goals

Joselyn Dumas

[bctt tweet=”@Joselyn_Dumas inspires herself and people like me every day. Be like Joselyn!” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] When I was tasked to write an article on how Joselyn Dumas inspires us to achieve our career goals, I was stumped. Simply because of all the Ghanaian celebrities (most of whose lives I do not give much thought to or […]

Senanu Arkutu: I decided to follow a passion that I hadn’t realised was a skill

[bctt tweet=”Senanu Arkutu: The high quality is here in Africa but you have to do quality control ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Senanu Arkutu is the founder and CEO of DAAR Living, an interior styling firm that is diversely African, layered and interwoven, antique and contemporary, with European and Arab influences. While pursuing a career in Reproductive Health […]